Buy Teplichnyy.1500 FENNEL - an infrared mediumwave heater for greenhouses, farms and cold buildings
Teplichnyy.1500 FENNEL - an infrared mediumwave heater for greenhouses, farms and cold buildings

Teplichnyy.1500 FENNEL - an infrared mediumwave heater for greenhouses, farms and cold buildings

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Ukraine, Kovel
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandУКРОП
  • ManufacturerУКРОП
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Serviced area20 m²

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The infrared mediumwave ceiling heater "FENNEL Teplichny 1500" is intended for economical heating of greenhouses, greenhouses, winter gardens, and also problem rooms: production, trade, warehouse, garages, stock-raising and poultry farms and so forth. Is suitable as for the main system of heating, and zone heating or a combination to other systems of heating for ensuring exact regulation of air temperature.

Manufacturing country: Ukraine


Supply voltage: ~ 220 V ± 10%

Rated power, kW: 1,5

Average consumption, kWh: 0,400

Length, cm: 170 Width, cm: 10 Thickness, cm: 5

Weight, kg: 3,0

Guarantee: 5 years

Service life: 25 years

Minimum height of a suspension, m: 2,0



Thanks to a mediumwave beam component an IK-heater "Hothouse FENNEL" will provide economical and rational use of the electric power for heating of problem and cold buildings, greenhouses, terraces. Therefore it is considered also industrial heater.

The heater is easily and quickly mounted on a ceiling to arches of the greenhouse or other bearing overlapping. If necessary it acts also easily and moved in other room. The case and a reflector of a heater are manufactured of stainless steel that provides the maximum beam heat transfer and economy of the electric power. Temperature of a heating element is picked up so that as much as possible to imitate solar thermal beams that favorably affects plants. The heater radiates infrared heat with such wave band which reduces heat infiltartion through a transparent roof of the greenhouse. Also beams of this frequency are a little absorbed in polycarbonate or a film, and are reflected from surfaces rather that promotes preservation of heat in the greenhouse in windy weather.

The energy saving heater "Teplichniy.1500 FENNEL" works by the principle of infrared heating. About 90% of the consumed electric power turn into infrared energy which without loss in air reaches soil or a floor, being absorbed in it with the subsequent secondary heating of air. Therefore convection in the greenhouse decreases and air to stratifikuyetsya in such a way that the front of warm air is located under the front of cold air, that is in the bottom of the greenhouse where plants grow. Thus use of this heater allows to save up to 30% of thermal energy in the greenhouse due to its rational distribution.

In general the heater economically uses the electric power as it heats the space which is in the lower part of the greenhouse.

Temperature on a surface of the soil or a floor always by 2-3 degrees will be higher than the air temperature that is economical in operation, comfortably and it is useful for plants, animals or people. Oblong shape of a heater and the angle of thermal dispersion about 90 degrees provides uniform distribution of heat with a different height of a suspension of a heater.

For example, in the greenhouse 3-5 m wide. Enough heaters of the same kind along the greenhouse. In wide greenhouses the quantity of rows increases in proportion.

Use of a beam heater "Hothouse FENNEL" in the greenhouse reduces quantity of a kondesat on a metal framework, helps to fight against a mold and icing of the base in the winter.

When using an IK-heater "Teplichniy.1500 FENNEL" for heating of greenhouses it is necessary to be guided by the following approaches:

- Spring-fall at easy frosts - 12-15 sq.m

- Additional heating during the winter period - 20-25 sq.m

- The main heating for the winter - 6-8 sq.m.

attention! These calculations are actual for the tight arch greenhouses covered by polycarbonate or an awning from an air and vesiculate film.

When using an IK-heater "Teplichniy.1500 FENNEL" as the general heating of capital rooms it is necessary to be guided by the following approaches:

- Spring-fall: -4 °C on the street, indoors has to be 20 ° With - 26-30 sq.m

- Additional heating: 20 °C to the existing temperature - 26-30 sq.m

- Additional heating: 10 °C to the existing temperature - 50-55 sq.m

- Osn. heating: -26 °C on the street, in +20 C - 15-17 sq.m.

Advantages of use of the infrared panels "Teplichniy.1500 FENNEL" in greenhouses and greenhouses.
- A high infrared thermolysis from efficiency to 95%;
- Low energy consumption concerning the area of the greenhouse;
- Optimum beam activity useful to growth of plants;
- Simple installation and lack of need for service;
- Guarantee of the producer of 5 years and 20 years of uninterrupted operation;
- The heater case from stainless steel;
- It is optimum when heating greenhouses, drying fruit, berries, mushrooms;
- It is combined with other systems of heating in the greenhouse;
- It is easily regulated by external means of maintenance of a microclimate;
- Compact, does not take away the place in the greenhouse, so takes place under a ceiling.



02.2015 Vladimir Ivanovich Mulyavka

Poltavska of the Region smt. Gradisk, Kremenchutsky district

The heater pleased me. Put in the greenhouse. When there were primorozk, it helped out. On such square, at such weather – it is very good. Plus - there was a good economy in payment for heating. If who wants – that let will call back to me, I am ready to share information about this heater. There is my number: (067) 834-28-80.


02.2015 Malinin Pavel Valentinovich

Cherkaska of the Region, Sm_l m

Warmed with winter of birds in a hen house – very much "good piece"! Even excellent! Temperature was such which I exposed.


02.2015 Roman_shin Andr_y

R_vnenska Region, R_vnensky district, village of Zor

V_dpov_da є to zayavleny characteristics. About a komfortna temperature I do not smear a skazata, bo to May to the vodena opalennya. To Alya in a kutka, sto§t Fennel to dosit heat. Chi buv dosyagnutiya efekt energozberezhennya – I do not smear a skazata.


03.2015 Dem "yanishin V_tal_y

m Hmelnitsky

Vn_ch on 23.03.15 having ceased pratsyuvat, buv jump of a napruga to 234B, infections pratsyu є. Nar_kan it is mute є.



In difference from household rooms (the apartment, at home, offices) which it is better to heat infrared long-wave heaters, you exist category of rooms,
where it is necessary to set special temperature condition on the small square, in a special industrial zone or in the open air. Exactly mediumwave infrared heaters best of all will be suitable for these purposes. For heating it is possible to buy special street heaters with waves on average beam a range in the open air. Decrease by 10% of energy consumption in comparison with long-wave IK heating, at preservation of an indicator of efficiency, namely 98% of full use of energy which heaters transform to heat will be result of work of such mediumwave infrared heaters.

Street infrared heaters - mediumwave - in difference from long-wave give bigger value of the following indicators:

  • warming up power,
  • warming up radius,
  • by force of penetration of beams,
  • temperature of heating of TENA - the main heating element of all infrared heaters.

For this purpose competently to choose and further to get mediumwave heaters it is necessary to know, the fact that they are suitable for the localized influence and are not calculated on heating of large territories, platforms. Such "tochechnost" of heating gives the chance to speak about high efficiency. Also such mediumwave obogrevatelimozhno to use in places with the increased humidity.

Thanks to the minimum inertness mediumwave infrared electric heaters, are put in action literally in 1 minute and very quickly warm up the area of influence up to the necessary temperature. All these useful qualities, certainly, are connected with the fact that such units work at infrared radiation. Street infrared heaters of mediumwave type have TEN which heats up to 400 - 650 degrees. Such power is added with a qualitative reflector. If to buy mediumwave heaters and it is correct to establish, then infrared thermal beams will not be sprayed on the parties, and will be precisely sent by means of a reflector to the necessary zone. These heaters work by the same principle, so, they can be applied perfectly on summer platforms, small open or half-open districts where there is no central or any other heating.

It is possible to buy ceiling infrared mediumwave a heater "Teplichniy.1500 FENNEL" in Ukraine having put goods in a krozina.

It is possible to pick up a temperature regulator here

It is possible to pick up time timers here



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Teplichnyy.1500 FENNEL - an infrared mediumwave heater for greenhouses, farms and cold buildings
Teplichnyy.1500 FENNEL - an infrared mediumwave heater for greenhouses, farms and cold buildings
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