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T-0.66 50\5 transformer

T-0.66 50\5 transformer

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Technical characteristics
  • PurposeMeasuring



Alternating current of frequency, Hz: 50 and 60 Hz Nominal tension, kV: to 0,66 Class of heat stability of insulating materials: "And" accuracy Class: 0,5; 0,5S Nominal secondary loading, VA: 5; 10 Coefficient of safety of devices: To B. number, 10 Short description

Transformers of current T-0,66-M U3 are intended for transfer of measuring information to measuring devices in installations. The transformer has a possibility of sealing of a conclusion of tension. The transformer is manufactured in a climatic modification of Wu Yi of category of placement 3 in accordance with GOST 15150-69 GOST 15543.1-89 Transformer on a design are basic. Windings of transformers are executed on the toroidal core. The case of the transformer is executed from the plastic details connected by self-tapping screws. The transformer fastens on plug-in support of the case or on the tire of primary winding. Primary checking of the transformer is made in accordance with GOST 8.217-2003. Intertest interval of 4 years.

T-0,66 current transformer.

The current transformer, the measuring transformer electric, is intended for measurement and control of big currents with use of standard measuring devices and devices of automatic control and control.

At the same time transformers of current serve for isolation of the equipment from the potential of a network in which measurement is performed. Transformers of current are subdivided into transformers of alternating current (usually they are called just by current Transformers) and transformers of a direct current.

Transformers of current T-0,66 are intended for a signal transmission of measuring information to measuring devices and metering devices of the electric power.

Nominal class of accuracy of T-0,66 transformers – 0,2; 0,5S; 0,5; 1,0.

Rated primary currents – 20, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800, 1000 And.

Rated secondary current – 5 A.

Rated voltage – 0,66 kV.

Rated secondary load with power factor of cos j =0,8 — 5 B× A.

Service conditions of T-0,66 transformers — from minus 45 °C to plus 40 °C.

Overall dimensions, mm – 87х125х93

The weight, kg, no more – 1,3.

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T-0.66 50\5 transformer
T-0.66 50\5 transformer
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