Buy Syringes injection disposable (ternary with a needle)
Syringes injection disposable (ternary with a needle)

Syringes injection disposable (ternary with a needle)

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Such devices apply in anesthesiology, when carrying out an intensive care, in oncology, a neonatology when the slow dosed administration of medicines in small volumes within several hours or days is necessary.

Catalog number REF: S-3S (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50)

The company has the wide range one-time 3kh component syringes (volume from 1,0 to 50 ml) and syringe needles (the size from 0,3х13 to 1,6х40 mm), different according to the destination:
syringe of 1 ml (top U-100 scale) free-hand needle
syringe insulin 1 ml (scale of U-100 and U-40)
syringe tuberkulinovy 1 ml
syringe insulin tuberkulinovy 1 ml (insulin scale of U-40 and tuberkulinovy scale)
syringe of 2 ml
syringe of 5 ml
syringe of 10 ml
syringe of 20 ml
the syringe 50 a mrazmer of REF/2 - the component syringe REF/3 - the component syringe Scale Is Long of a needle
1 ml of S-3S1,0 26G x 1/2" 0,45 x 13 mm
2 ml of S-2S2,0 S-3S2,0 23G x 1 (1/4)" 0,6 x 25 mm
5 ml of S-2S5,0 S-3S5,0 22G x 1 (1/4)" 0,7 x 32 mm
10 ml of S-2S10,0 S-3S10,0 21G x 1 (1/2)" 0,8 x 38 mm
20 ml of S-2S20,0 S-3S20,0 21G x 1 (1/2)" 0,8 x 38 mm
50 ml of S-3S50,0 18G x 1 (1/2) 0,8 x 38 mm
insulin S-3SI1,0 29G x 1/2" 0,33 x 13 mm

All syringes are subdivided into two groups: two-component and ternary.

The two-component syringe "Medicare" consists of two parts: cylinder and piston.

The ternary syringe "Medicare" consists of three parts: cylinder, rubber piston and plunger (piston pusher).

2kh component syringe piston 3x of the component syringe

The syringes "Medicare" of small volume (1 ml) use for exact administration of medicines in small volumes (1 ml). Are applied in endocrinology (insulin syringes), phthisiology (tuberkulinovy syringes), a neonatology, and also to carrying out allergological intracutaneous tests.

The syringes "Medicare" of standard volume (2, 5, 10 and 20 ml) with connection Luyer, use in all field of medicine for subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous and other injections. Syringes differ in a smooth and soft piston stroke therefore they are given preference in those industries of medicine where slow intravenous administration of drugs is necessary (anesthesiology, an intensive care, service of ambulance and emergency medical service, medicine of accidents).

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Syringes injection disposable (ternary with a needle)
Syringes injection disposable (ternary with a needle)
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