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Sulphuric acid of 92.5% (State standard specification 2184-77) buy in Kropyvnytskyi

Sulphuric acid of 92.5% (State standard specification 2184-77)

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Sulphuric acid of 92.5% (State standard specification 2184-77)

The enterprise has all permissions (licenses) for acquisition, storage and implementation of dangerous loads and chemicals.

Sulphuric acid is used:
  • by production of mineral fertilizers;
  • as electrolyte in lead accumulators;
  • for receiving different mineral acids and salts;
  • in production of chemical fibers, dyes, smoke-generating substances and explosive substances;
  • in oil, metalworking, textile, tanning, etc. industries;
  • in the food industry - it is registered as food additive of E513 (emulsifier);
  • in industrial organic synthesis in reactions:
    • hydrations (ethanol from ethylene);
    • dehydrations (receiving diethyl ether, esters);
    • sulphonations (synthetic detergents and intermediate products in production of dyes);
    • alkylations (receiving isooctane, polyethyleneglycol, caprolactam), etc.
    • GOST 2184-77 technical sulphuric acid

      Technical sulphuric acid is developed for production of fertilizers, synthetic fiber, caprolactam, titanium dioxide, ethyl alcohol, aniline dyes and a number of other productions. IN ACCORDANCE WITH GOST 2184-77 distinguish the following types of technical sulphuric acid:

      • contact (improved and technical);
      • the oleum (improved and technical);
      • tower;
      • regenerated.
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