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Suit winter for hunting and fishing

Suit winter for hunting and fishing

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Suits for hunting and fishing are sewed from special tissue of Alov with a membrane water-repellent covering. Tin fabric velvety, soft to the touch, not rustling, has heat-insulating properties (does not get wet, it is not blown) the Winter fishing and hunting suit. The extended jacket on a demountable lightning is regulated by an elastic cord up to a waist. Sleeves on manzhetakh.5 pockets: 1 pocket on a sleeve, 2 internal. A stand-up collar with finishing from fleece. The coming unfastened hood, is regulated on volume. Wind-shelter level. Polukombinizon: pockets. It is regulated on a bottom by a lightning. Suit warm zimniytkan: a membrane of Rush / tin (difference of fabric consists that tin fabric fleecy and soft, but on it the drawing is not so distinct as on a membrane Rush, the main shade of this fabric either greenish, or yellowish.) Breathing, water-repellent a kostyumudobny arrangement of breast pockets. A lining fleece the Warm winter suit for winter fishing and hunting, work in a frost on the street, and just for outdoor recreation. Consists of semi-overalls and a jacket. In sleeves of a jacket there are internal knitted cuffs that on practice gives additional heat and convenience. The warm, removable hood, provides the excellent review. On semi-overalls of a suit there are warmed pockets. In front zipper. Humeral straps have convenient adjustment and reliably there are loops for a belt. The suit is calculated on temperature to-30 degrees. The winter suit is painted in the drawing the coniferous forest. The winter warm suit for the wood is bought both on hunting and for fishing. Hunters appreciate quality of a winter suit not to rustle when walking. And fishers often lack a warm winter suit in which long time is possible is practically without the movement and not to freeze. And if to put on a qualitative layered clothing and a warm sweater under a winter suit, then it is possible to stay on winter fishing very long time. Still it is necessary not to forget about warm waterproof footwear and a good cap with ear-flaps. The lightning on a jacket is closed by the wind-shelter valve. Fabric of a winter suit does not rustle, it is not blown and has internal water-repellent impregnation. Trousers and a jacket of a winter suit contain an easy heater inside a synthetic winterizer which well holds a suit form. And an internal part is made of fleece. Technical a harakteristiki:temperatura to: -30 °C Heater: synthetic winterizer and flistkan membrane Rush: Serge mixed Garda 200g/m2sostav: 20% cotton, 80% poliefirrazmer: 48-50, 52-54, 56-58, 60-62. The camouflage rastsvvetka of Realtree Max-1 ® a camouflage combines ideal balance in neutral tones: meadow herbs, a thicket, rocks, a honeysuckle and open zones, with a hint of details in shadows for the additional depth and realism. Osobennosti:polukombinezon of loose fit with warmed karmanamiudobny adjustment of straps on growth; two-castle zipper; the belt of overalls is regulated by an elastic band, loops for a belt; the warm hood regulated on volume; stand-up collar; a pocket on a sleeve; the waist and a bottom of a jacket is regulated by an elastic cord; adjustable width of manzhet; the two-castle zipper is protected from wind; the bottom of semi-overalls is regulated by a lightning. The camouflage in the world of hunting and fishing about a camouflage coloring was known twenty years ago only by hearsay. Then hunters and fishermen could not dream the wide range of camouflage clothes. The main destination of a camouflage, certainly, is merge to the nature. Modern models of camouflage clothes have various contrast of a form and color therefore it is necessary to choose a camouflage hunting or fishing suit depending on in what area you plan to be. For example, if the territory is rich with green vegetation, then it is desirable to go to hunting in a camouflage of mainly green shade. Most suitable for such area will be coloring: "Khaki", "A forest thicket", "Bushes", "classical KMF". Coloring of fabric "Grey Wood", "Cane", "Oak Sheet", "Grey", "Brown", "Dark" well will approach a landscape with the prevailing flowers of dark brown and gray shades. The coloring "Black" perfectly will be suitable for those who should hunt lying on the earth. It is necessary to apply this or that suit taking into account season. So, for winter hunting or fishing it is the most logical to buy a coloring suit "Winter forest" or "Blue". Still it is possible to try to combine different models for a bottom and top of your clothes. For example, hunting a boar, as top it is possible to use a jacket the Savanna, and here trousers can be chosen the Whirlwind, saturated forest color, for the best similarity to a wood shade. You should not choose the camouflage clothes oversaturated by a set of spots of contrast forms and flowers as in it you will be allocated on the contrary from the environment. The main requirements at the choice of camouflage clothes as the Main criterion of the choice for you use purpose has to serve: hunting, fishing or just outdoor recreation, where rather just nonspottable clothes. At the choice of a camouflage it is always necessary to consider a season of year and type of a landscape. The area in process of the movement can change. For this reason at the choice of a camouflage it is necessary to place emphasis on "degradation" of the human contours and not to try to copy the replaced landscape. You should not forget that the camouflage clothes have to be not only a coloring necessary to you, but also comfortable in use! Other goods on our website here the Source:

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Suit winter for hunting and fishing
Suit winter for hunting and fishing
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