Buy Submersible pumps multistage Hydro-Vacuum
Submersible pumps multistage Hydro-Vacuum

Submersible pumps multistage Hydro-Vacuum

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandHydro-Vacuum
  • Country of manufacturePoland

Multistage submersible WZA bladed pumps are ideally suitable for pumping of the pure, drinking and economic water used in households. WZA pumps have to be installed everywhere where the water mirror in a water intake does not allow to use the self - soaking - up pump, and depth of a water intake does not allow to use the deep pump. The pumps WZA can be also used to pumping of other liquids with pH coefficient = 6 ÷ 8, the maximum admissible viscosity to 13 mm2 / with and with a density up to 1000 kg/m3. Content in the pumped - over liquid of not abrasive firm rainfall of the maximum diameter of 0,5 mm and in quantities to 50 g/m3 is allowed.
Pump WZA units are used, in particular, in:

  • systems of water supply (pumping of water from the well of the minimum diameter 6" or from water intakes of open reservoirs, tanks),
  • water automatic machines (for example, AGE.5 submachine gun),
  • irrigating systems,
  • washing systems,
  • drying systems,
  • use of rain water.


Technical dannyee


productivity 1,2 ÷ 21 m3/h
rise height 60 ÷ 80 m
immersion depth to 10 m
temperature of the pumped - over liquid to 40oC
density of the pumped - over liquid to 1000 kg/m3
viscosity of liquid 13 mm2 / with
weight 15,5 ÷ 22,5 kg
engine capacity 0,55 ÷ 2,2 kW

Structure of marking of a product

0 4
2 0 0 0
0 0 5
a a a
with with
e1 e2 e3 e4
i i i
an a - tipovelichina of the pump (three - digit)
b - a tipovelichina of the pump (designates the next nominal size of the pump)
with with - standard size (number of steps) of the pump
d - execution of the pump on materials according to the EXECUTION ON MATERIALS point
e1 e2 e3 e4 - constructional execution of the pump according to point CONSTRUCTIONAL EXECUTION
h - completeness of deliveries (h = 4)
i i i - selection of the unit, is coded according to internal documents of the producer
k - product cosmetics (k = 1)

The materials applied in the pumps WZA

The pumps WZA are made in one execution on materials


Top bearing case Execution on materials
Top bearing case brass
Lower bearing case
Delivery case
Central case norit
The directing devices
Rotors leksan + brass
Engine casing stainless steel
External casing
the soaking - up case
Connecting parts
Oil in an oil pocket and the engine white vaseline oil


Design execution

Constructional executions are designated by the e1 e2 e3 e4 code, and:

"e1" ― defines phases the engine
"e2 e3 e4"― the reserve designated always by figure "0"

"e1" = 1 single - phase engine
"e1" = 2 three - phase engine


  • modern design decisions,
  • the guaranteed long - term trouble - free operation and easy access to spare parts,
  • execution of individual requirements and reduction of products in compliance with needs of clients,
  • constant technical surveillance and guarantee and post warranty service,
  • low cost of purchase and operation,
  • high survivability in difficult service conditions.


WZA units are submersible, multistage, monoblock centrifugal pumps with the dry, rewound engine. The shaft of the unit is installed in bearing cases, top and lower, on not self - installed ball - bearings greased with plastic lubricant for all term of operation. The asynchronous engine (one - or three - phase) is placed under a casing from austenitic steel and bilaterally hermetically closed by bearing cases. The shaft is condensed in the lower bearing case with mechanical consolidation (from rotors of pumps – a hydraulic part of the unit) and the condensing ring of a special design (from the party of the engine ― the bringing part of the unit). Between consolidations there is a buffer oil pocket which problem is absorption of leaks and providing comfortable working conditions for both consolidations. Below the giving (motive) part there is a pump part of the unit. All unit is fastened in a whole by an external casing, the delivery case and the soaking - up case.

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Submersible pumps multistage Hydro-Vacuum
Submersible pumps multistage Hydro-Vacuum
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