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Strengthening of coastlines

Strengthening of coastlines

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Gabion — an engineering construction — the spatial box - shaped design from a galvanized grid of double torsion (or welded) filled with a natural stone (quarrystone or a boulder). Such designs (blocks) coordinate a wire therefore the flexible wall which is easily filtering water that allows not to be afraid of hydrostatic pressure, and at the same time tightly strengthening coast, slopes and slopes turns out. Gabions favourably differ from analogs from concrete and reinforced concrete: do not demand the special basis and the base, are built quickly, at all seasons of the year, are capable to perceive the sudden local loadings caused by big sags or deflections of soil. When the design begins to be deformed, destruction of the most gabionny system does not happen. The construction keeps the constructive rigidity and over time adapts to the soil movement, reacting to it insignificant deflections.

Efficiency Gabionnykh of designs does not decrease, and increases over the years as over time there is a consolidation of dust deposits and soil in emptiness of gabions and growth of vegetation begins.

Gabionny designs do not interfere with growth of vegetation therefore represent natural construction blocks for decoration of a landscape.

Tongue - and - groove protection – the waterproof solid wall formed by the plastic piles shipped in soil.

Tongue - and - groove protections represent temporary or constant protections Use of this material very different. First of all is a strengthening of slopes from destruction, beginning from construction ditches and strengthening of parts of highways, finishing with strengthening of coast of any reservoirs and protection against floods. Also they can serve in a type of retaining constructions, them it is possible to regulate the speed of a current and bed of the rivers, to construct backwaters, modulations.

The construction method with use of the PVC tongue has the following advantages:

- need of dredging and its transportation disappears;

- construction time in connection with application ready to installation and compact elements of tongue - and - groove piles is reduced;

- need for load - lifting mechanisms disappears – works are performed manually;

- tongue - and - groove walls take not enough place after installation.

  1. slope by means of reinforced concrete.

The wide circulation in strengthening of coast and slopes was received by reinforced concrete. To numerous advantages of this material it is possible to carry rather low cost, durability, durability, tolerance to influence of moisture and chemical reagents, resistance to considerable mechanical loadings.

Use of this material allows to receive a strong, rigid and durable design.

One of the main applications of a volume geolattice is

strengthening of coast, slopes and slopes.

The volume geolattice with cells of the necessary size is selected according to an objective and conditions of its realization on concrete object

Advantages of strengthening of coast, slopes and slopes geolattice:

- strengthening of slopes a geogrid and a geolattice shows high rates of efficiency;

- strengthening of slopes of an embankment with use of geosynthetics is carried out easily and quickly;

- strengthening of slopes of ditches and other objects with a geolattice is more durable, than traditional technologies of reinforcing of soil;

- strengthening of slopes of roads and embankments with geosynthetics costs considerably cheaper.

Geotextiles - the nonwoven fabric made of thermally fixed infinite fibers from 100% of polypropylene. It provides resistance to moisture and chemical compounds, in particular to alkalis, acids, a disinclination to rotting, influence of diverse fungi and a mold, rodents and insects, germination.

The structure of geotextiles provides the good filtering properties.

Strengthening of coast a natural stone – the most economic type of strengthening of coast, slopes and slopes in view of availability and simplicity of the solution of a task.

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Strengthening of coastlines
Strengthening of coastlines
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