Buy Stone for a sauna the JADE CHIPPED
Stone for a sauna the JADE CHIPPED

Stone for a sauna the JADE CHIPPED

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The chipped stone for a bath a jade has a big surface for contact with water that promotes livelier steam formation.
The mineral very resistant to temperature drops also maintains temperatures to 1000ºС that does it suitable for use in electrostone ovens for a sauna and wood-fired furnaces for a bath.

The chipped jade serves much longer than other stones: it does not crack at sharp difference of temperatures, has small coefficient of thermal expansion and possesses ability to long keep the saved-up heat.

Thanks to big heat capacity the jade gives light, but powerful steam. Therefore they can revet walls and a ceiling in a bath, to do regiments and plank beds.

The jade, was appreciated the unique medicinal properties in the east as jewel. It was called a health mineral.

The jade a chipped stone for a bath helps the person to find harmony of soul and a body. The mineral takes away on itself all negative power and fills you with positive energy flows. Cures many different diseases, including frustration of nervous system and a problem of a digestive tract.

If the jade is used for massage, then after a session, according to the Chinese treatises, it needs to be cleared-buried in salt or to place under a flow water.

The jade is the only semiprecious stone suitable for use in furnaces-kamenkakh. In a mineral high rates of heat capacity, heat conductivity, density are as well as possible combined that gives the chance to receive the greatest thermal return for a long time.

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Stone for a sauna the JADE CHIPPED
Stone for a sauna the JADE CHIPPED
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