Buy Stone a volcanic tufa, a tile from a tufa
Stone a volcanic tufa, a tile from a tufa

Stone a volcanic tufa, a tile from a tufa

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Ukraine, Kharkov
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureArmenia
  • Type of stonesТуф вулканический
Volcanic tufa - the most widespread natural stone in the territory of Armenia. It differs in the low volume mass, high sound insulation, thermal stability, durability, ease of processing, and for construction is irreplaceable material. With a tufa it is connected history of the Armenian architecture. The majority of the building and monuments is built by this natural stone. The cathedral in Echmiadzin is constructed in 301-303 of a tufa and still admires with the greatness.
There are several types of a tufa:
1. Yerevan - Gyumri - the most widespread, the most dense and heavy on volume weight, has black, brown-brown, orange and red colors.
2. Artiksky (Maraliksky) - more porous, with accumulation of pumice, pink and violet color
3. Byurakansky (Oganavansky) - mixed by different minerals, similar to fiery languages, with dark stains, orange, red-pink, brown-brown color.
4. Aniysky - the most beautiful, noble with accumulation of small pieces of basalt, different shades of beige and light orange color.
5. Martirossky and Noyemberyansky (felzitovy tufit), dense, heat-resistant, beige, yellow, golden-red color. Often at structure there is an iron mineral - yarozit with brown-brown patterns. Felzitovy tufit or felzit is a hydrovolcanic decorative unique stone.
Fine acoustic characteristics of a felzit do it irreplaceable for internal facing of cathedrals, temples and similar to them a construction.
The structures issued by a tufa take a solemn air, heat - sound insulation of a stone at the high level, stability of color is high.

Together with volcanic brekchiya and intermediate types of breeds the tufa makes large group of pyroclastic rock formation. Besides, tufam called flasks and any rykhlyak earlier. This word meaning remained in the name of carbonate and siliceous deposits of the hydrothermal sources called by limy and siliceous tufa.

The tufa possesses the following properties:

* sound insulation;
* water resistance;
* frost resistance;
* heat insulation;
* high strength;
* esthetic look.

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Stone a volcanic tufa, a tile from a tufa
Stone a volcanic tufa, a tile from a tufa
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