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The stevia balances work of all systems of organism: stabilizes pressure, reduces cholesterol level in blood, recovers metabolism

Stevia (Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni) — low (to 30-40 cm) herbaceous plant, which homeland South America. Velvet grass the stevia received other name thanks to the sweet taste. Different mineral concretions, vitamins, essential oils, amino acids, pectins are part of stevia. The stevia contains substances which serve as building timber for production of hormones.

The use of stevia in food is recommended both for prevention, and for treatment of the diseases which are "scourge" of civilization such as: atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity and others. The stevia balances work of all systems of organism: stabilizes arterial
pressure, reduces cholesterol level in blood, recovers metabolism, stimulates work of digestive organs … It is possible to use stevia instead of sugar, using its sweet taste. Thus, you get all advantages of stevia instead of sugar shortcomings.

The greatest number of substances which define medicinal properties of stevia, are concentrated in leaves. Leaves of stevia comprise diterpenic glycosides, cellulose, pectinaceous substances, vegetable lipids, polysaccharides, vitamins (With, And, E, P), microelements (potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium) and essential oils. Sweet and medical value are caused by diterpenic glycosides - steviozida which are 300 - 400 times more sweet, than sugar and by the nature are phytosteroids, and are used as building timber for production of hormones.

The stevia is irreplaceable at:
diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis, hypertensive illness, allergic diseases, the lowered immunity, diseases of blood, kidneys, digestive tract.

The stevia normalizes all systems of organism, recovers carbohydrate, lipidic and protein metabolism, increases protective functions of organism, neutralizes and deletes from it toxins (including radionuclides).

The stevia has no contraindications to application, is compatible to all products and medicines.

Cosmetic and antibacterial properties of stevia

The stevia possesses also antimicrobic action. It is recommended to use tea with stevia for prevention of catarrhal
diseases and flu.

"Ability of steviozid is established (substances in stevia leaves) to oppress growth of bacteria (Streptococcus sorbinus) in oral cavity thanks to what steviozida can be used as additives to
to toothpastes. Bactericidal properties of stevia are shown also when healing wounds. If to spread superficial wound with stevia concentrate, it begins to live without hems".

And still:
"Water infusion of stevia is fine cosmetic for care of skin, growth of bacteria oppresses,
the sebaceous glands causing inflammation and formation of eels. Masks I do skin of water infusion of stevia soft, elastic,
eliminate irritation, I interfere with emergence of wrinkles".

Many call stevia medicine of 21 centuries.

Possessing sweet taste and useful properties, the stevia to become product of the daily use. Naturally and naturally!

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