Buy Starch to a kuz of BIO, 100 gr VEGA, art. 276222865
Starch to a kuz of BIO, 100 gr VEGA, art. 276222865

Starch to a kuz of BIO, 100 gr VEGA, art. 276222865

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Starch to a kuz of BIO, 100 gr VEGA, art. 276222865




VEGA starch from roots to BIO kuz (an organic product) without gluten, 100 gr


Way of preparation: in 200 ml of cold water to dissolve 1-2 teaspoons of starch, to bring to boiling.

Apply for: solidifications of soups, sauces, puddings, puddings, jelly of dishes and stuffings for pies.

Recipe of Kuzuingrediyenty jelly:-1 glass of apple juice - the Piece of fresh ginger - 1/8 teaspoons of cinnamon - 1 tablespoon with a hill to a kuz (you can give 1 1/2 tablespoons of jelly, will have more dense consistence) Podgotovka:1. It is good to pound starch in a mortar and to fill in with juice. Carefully mix starch with juice, add ginger and cinnamon and finish to kipeniya.2. Stir all the time in the course of preparation until suspension becomes transparent. When it occurs, it means that jelly it is ready.

Country of origin: Japan

To store in the dry place, far from direct sunshine.

Power value in 100 g of a product 1440 kJ / 339 kcal Fats of 0,2 g - from which saturated fatty acids: 0 g carbohydrates: 84,1g - from which fiber sugar 0g: 0,4 g of protein: 0g salt: 0g


It for us a kuza – an exotic product, and in Japan it is used by centuries. Natural starch from roots of a huge Japanese plant to Kuz (Kudz) is widely applied to preparation of various dishes. The family farm makes starch to a kuz 120 years, and does it completely manually: the root crop is washed out, crushed, filtered and dried up, receiving thin starch with neutral taste. Kuza is used as a thickener in soups and stewed dishes, sweet and salty sauces, glazings and stuffings for pies. Thanks to the high content of flavonoids, a kuz it is extremely useful to digestive and cardiovascular systems. The antioxidant force of flavonoids helps to remove a spasm of smooth muscles that at the same time improves blood circulation and the inflamed intestines calm. In Japan starch from a root a kuza is carried to folk remedies.

Recommendations for a zagushcheniye of any liquid: dissolve a kuza in small amount of cold water, add solution to the preparing dish, heat, stirring slowly until liquid thickens and will become transparent. The kuz has enough half of a teaspoon of starch for a zagushcheniye of one cup of liquid.

In the medical purposes the root, to be exact the starch received from it is used. This wild root is fantastically strong and possesses improbable energy. It can just grow on naked rocks. They say that roots collect late spring and lower in special capacities in the mountain rivers. Water dissolves amilan and after that it is collected in huge bathtubs and then dried up, small white pebbles are as a result formed. To Kuz it is very quickly acquired by a small intestine and well affects digestion. Besides it removes stress of muscles of a neck and a humeral belt. But also it does not limit a range of its opportunities. To Kuz it is useful at: • Chronic ustalost and • Muscular spasms and spasms (including spasms of gastrocnemius muscles, usually it occurs at night and gives the mass of an inconvenience) • Diarrhea. It is interesting what to a kuz does not fix and is not a purgative, and works stabiliziruyushche. That is it is equally effective both at a diarrhea and at a lock. • Sharp or chronic diseases of intestines (an ulcer, gastritis, colitis, kroner) • Cold • Gipertoni and • To Tinitusa (noise in ears) • Dizziness

To make drink about a kuza more directed to a certain symptom or a problem with health it part not just on water, and for example at a lock on prunes compote, or during chemotherapy, for removal of side effects on mucous.

On the properties starch to a kuz is very quickly acquired by a small intestine and fruitfully influences digestion. The range of opportunities of this unique product is quite wide. First of all, starch to a kuz is useful at cold, a hypertension, diarrhea, muscular spasms and even to chronic fatigue. But especially starch is useful to a cardiovascular and gastrointestinal tract as it contains rich quantity of flavonoids. Besides, this starch is the richest sources of the antioxidants capable to calm the inflamed intestines and to improve blood circulation. It is possible to add a kuza practically to any dishes: in soups, stewed dishes, stuffings of pies, glazings, and also sweet and salty sauces. 





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Starch to a kuz of BIO, 100 gr VEGA, art. 276222865
Starch to a kuz of BIO, 100 gr VEGA, art. 276222865
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