Buy Sports Shock Absorber b 4490 bra
Sports Shock Absorber b 4490 bra

Sports Shock Absorber b 4490 bra

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandShock Absorber b 4490
Producer: Shock Absorber (England)
54% Polyester, 41% polyamide, 5% elastane
Cups: the closed cup
Functionality: provides good support of a breast.
Small pillows: unlined
Type of a seam on cups: horizontal
Type of shoulder straps: shoulder straps on the center
Width of shoulder straps: wide
Council for style: optimum under sportswear
Support: extreme support
Fastener: behind an adjustable fastener in three stages by means of two loops
Sizes: int 70-75A, 70-85B/C, 60-90 D/DD/E/F/FF/G/GG/H/HH

Internal inserts of a sports bra reliably fix a breast during sports. Fabric grid provides good air exchange and feeling of comfort. Hi-tech fibers allow a body to breathe and keep freshness.

We recommend for:
  • Low level of loading (yoga, Pilates, sports walking and so forth)
  • Average level of loading (cycling, snowboard, skis, track and field athletics)
  • High level of loading (basketball, step aerobics)
  • Extreme level of loading (volleyball, riding on horses)

Shock Absorber are sports models of linen which are created for the women preferring dynamics of life. Designers of a brand carefully studied all features of such way of life and realized such models which will allow to play sports with the maximum pleasure. Shock Absorber is a bra with unique system of support, the breathing fabrics from the latest materials, the thought-over cut and magnificent design. Receive from life all the best together with Shock Absorber!

The sports Shock Absorber bra
interferes with deformation of a breast. Contrary to ordinary opinion, in a female breast there are no muscles. It consists of connecting fabric and fat, and is supported thin to Cooper's teams. Any aerobic loading promotes fluctuation of a breast, and, so increases load of these muscles. Every day of a sheaf stretch more and stronger that negatively affects a shape of a breast. The sports bra due to strong fixing allows to avoid an obvisaniye and loss of elasticity of a breast.

The sports bra helps to avoid unpleasant, painful feelings Insufficient support of a breast during intensive trainings is the reason of unpleasant feelings. 80% of the girls using a sports bra noted that the special linen kills pain and promotes additional comfort.

The daily bra will not replace
sports linen linen which you carry daily, though supports a breast, but not so to use it in fitness club. The usual bra reduces fluctuations of a breast by 38%, and sports - for 74%! There is a wish to note that girls need to use a sports bra with any size of a breast. Tests showed that even the breast of the size 34A/75A can fluctuate with an amplitude up to 4 cm from a condition of rest!

Bra with densely fitting soft cups. The formed, condensed and adjustable shoulder straps guarantee the maximum support. The breathing high-quality materials provide the maximum distribution of humidity.
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Sports Shock Absorber b 4490 bra
Sports Shock Absorber b 4490 bra
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