Buy Sports board, board of electronic turn, hours boards with tremometry
Sports board, board of electronic turn, hours boards with tremometry

Sports board, board of electronic turn, hours boards with tremometry

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  • BrandБиакс НПП, ООО
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The electronic LED sports board from the producer "Biax" is made exclusively izvysokokachestvenny materials according to individual preferences of customers. Approaches in development provide compliance of models to all modern requirements: accurate visibility, high range, resistance to weather conditions, durability, unique design and simplicity in management.

All our clients obtain a guarantee from the producer for all types of goods within 2 years. Within Ukraine we will deliver your order free of charge!

Types and accessories of our sports boards

You can order electronic sports boards:

  • For use at stadiums during sports competitions (soccer, volleyball, baseball and others) or in halls (volleyball, basketball, swimming, boxing, fight and others);
  • For one sport or several;
  • Mobile or stationary;
  • Amatorsky or professional;
  • Sports board for schools.

It influences the size of a sports board and the number of the displayed information. Besides display of the account of game as additional functions are possible: an auxiliary board (for example, an attack board), the built-in or externally connected siren.

The majority of LED sports boards has the built-in real time clock with the reserve power supply. When the device is not used directly, its lines can show the current time, date and, as necessary, temperature of air and water (for pools).

Electronic board hours thermometer

Digital watch the thermometer usually consists of four symbols with dividing points between the first and second couple of symbols. The majority of the hours released by us have the sign "plus" which is built in the first symbol of a board for convenience of perception of indications of temperature. By request, the electronic board of a board can have 5, 6 and more symbols. The board of time can be autonomous, or work in hour system of exact time with management from master clocks. At connection of the sensor of temperature, hours of a board begins to display time and temperature with the indication change mode.

Correction of time is made or buttons on the board case, or by means of IK of the panel, the wireless panel, and in system of exact time - from master clocks. Also, as well as time, can be corrected date, an operating mode. The board can be ready for indication of time, date, temperature, time date, time temperature, date temperature, time-date-temperature, switching time, day and night brightness, automatic transition to summertime can be corrected.

At installation of the sensor of illumination, day and night brightness are established automatically. In the absence of the illumination sensor, the mode of decrease of brightness of a luminescence on time of day can be set.

At installation of the GPS receiver, time is corrected to within a second on satellite signals. It is necessary to consider that the GPS receiver works only in direct visibility of GPS satellites.

The system of turn or electronic turn helps to bring order to places of reception of visitors: cash desks of stations, cash desks of acceptance of payments, state. institutions, offices of major companies. The Control System of Turn (CST) allows to avoid a congestion of visitors before windows of cash desks, gives the chance to visitors to plan a turn waiting time, to spend this time in comfortable conditions of a waiting room. And perhaps and to go on another matters, knowing approximate time of reception.

What is system of turn?

At an entrance to establishment the console of registration of visitors is installed. Depending on type of system of turn, it or the touch terminal on which it is possible to choose service or an office, or the push-button panel where against each button the direction of reception is specified. The console of registration is supplied with the printer for coupons.

Except the registration console, in a lobby or a waiting room the symbolical information display for informing on numbers of turn, cash desk and presumable holding time is established. At each office or cash desk the operator's board for informing on the served number is established. Each operator is supplied with the button of a call or, in the presence of the computer, the program of a call (the virtual panel).

The visitor is included into establishment, chooses service on the console of registration and receives the coupon with number of turn. When the turn approaches, the operator calls the visitor and his number appears on the general board and on the operator's board. The gong sounds or number blabs out by a pleasant voice.

The main board of system of turn is usually carried out by multilower case. The quantity of lines can be equal to number of operator windows, or smaller. Performance of the main board in the form of the liquid crystal display on which the advertisement is offered to visitors, movies is possible, and invitations to service interrupt demonstration of video.

Cash boards, board of operators are carried out one-line, the quantity of symbols in a board depends on the capacity of office.

The console of registration of visitors can be idle time - buttons of the choice of the direction and the printer of checks and even without printer. Or the console of registration can be executed on the basis of information booth with the touch screen, with difficult structure of numbering for service of several departments, with pronunciation by voice of the caused numbers. It can be offered to user to enter a surname, other personal data that some documents were prepared or lifted from archive in advance. It will increase efficiency of service.

At installation of a touch booth, the system of turn can be combined with reference system. Then the visitor has an opportunity to study the list of services, and then to choose the necessary direction and to receive the coupon of registration.

The printer for delivery of checks prints number of turn, the direction of reception, delivery time. The indication of approximate time of reception is possible.

The system of turn of clients allows to set restrictions of number of rooms for the reception period on each direction. And, restriction can be set both on the number of rooms, and on time of their delivery.

Modern systems of turns are reliable and unpretentious. Restore work after failure of food with restoration of all parameters of turn. Systems practically do not demand service which is in most cases reduced to replenishment of a reserve of paper in the printer of coupons.

System of turn on the basis of a touch booth.

The system of electronic turn with the maximum set of service functions is realized on the basis of a touch booth - the registration terminal with the touch screen similar to a fee rack. The touch booth shows the list of turns or offices of reception on the screen and issues the coupon with number of turn. In a set there can be several terminals of registration of visitors. The software allows to store and analyze statistics of reception of visitors, to consider the number of visitors during the day, week or any other period, holding time, a waiting time in turn. It allows the head to redistribute resources, doing reception of visitors by more effective. Operators are supplied with physical or virtual panels. The virtual panel in difference from physical allows to move the visitor from one turn to another, to make repeated reception, to organize conducting of the visitor on offices. The user has an opportunity to leave a comment about quality of service.

List of functions of system of turn:
  • Unlimited number of turns
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Unlimited number of terminals of registration
  • Unlimited number of workplaces of the operator
  • Differentiation of access rights
  • Existence of workplaces of the head
  • Existence of workplaces of the administrator
  • Virtual, physical or wireless operator console
  • Existence of preferential turns and turns of internal processing of documents
  • Interactive registration, input of personal information
  • Redirection of visitors
  • Registration by the administrator (for exempts and the elderly people experiencing difficulties with registration on the terminal)
  • Restriction of number of rooms in each turn on time and on total
  • Accounting of time of a break and operating time of specific operators
  • Forecasting of time of reception
  • Transfer next day, registration for week and more
  • Convenient statistics on all necessary parameters
  • Remote access, administration and registration on a network
  • Melodious call with division according to reception zones
  • Voice call
  • Directory system
  • System of an assessment of quality of service
Directory system

The notable advantage of system of turn on the basis of a touch booth is an integration of SUO with directory system. The visitor at registration has an opportunity to examine in the list of services, to choose the necessary direction. Further, at expectation of the turn, the visitor can find out additional aspects of the solution of the task, receive the help with filling of documents. The directory system is available from the terminal of a touch booth and from all computers of a local network. Access from the Internet can be provided and integration with the website is executed.

System of an assessment of quality of service

It is useful for head to know opinion of visitors on quality of the provided services. The system of turn gives to visitors an opportunity to estimate quality of work of all office or certain operators. For this purpose the visitor has enough to approach after the end of reception the touch terminal to press several buttons. And if the visitor is dissatisfied, be sure, he will find couple of seconds to report about it. Having statistics of responses on each operator, the head will be able adequately to estimate vocational training of operators.

System of turn on the basis of the controller.

The Control System of Turn (CST) on the basis of the controller with a small amount of service functions, is completely functional, but also low cost. For registration of visitors the registration terminal with real buttons is offered. The terminal of registration contains the printer of coupons of numbers of turn. Operators have buttons of a call of visitors with light indication of presence of visitors in turn. The main board and a board of operators show numbers of the called visitors. For drawing attention, during a call the melodious signal - a gong sounds.

List of functions:
  • Limited amount of turns - to eight
  • One terminal of registration of visitors
  • Limited quantity of workplaces of the operator - to eight
  • The button of a call of the visitor at the operator - with illumination of presence of visitors
  • Restriction of number of rooms in each turn on time and on total
  • Remote access, administration on a network
  • Melodious call - a gong
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Sports board, board of electronic turn, hours boards with tremometry
Sports board, board of electronic turn, hours boards with tremometry
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