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Today we will tell you about what spices are so good for us, and how to use them for our good. We’ll tell you about the features of a large number of spices, spices and seasonings, which can add flavor to your dishes, from breakfast to dessert.




Let us first clearly define what spices, seasonings and spices are.




There is another opinion, in addition to the above, what is spices. We add spices to the food in order to make it salty, spicy or sweet. The real spices are salt, soda, vinegar, sugar, yeast, citric acid and alcohol.




Seasoning includes a broader definition. Seasonings may include spices, spices, various flavors, but may not be included. For example, if we season mushrooms with sour cream, then sour cream in this case is considered seasoning. Seasonings also include ketchup, dry mixes of spices and various sauces.




Spices Many people mistakenly call spices. In fact, everything that grows, leaves, fruits and roots, is spices. Besides the fact that they have a pleasant smell, they give food a tart, burning or bitter aftertaste.




A lot of spices are also medicinal herbs that help toxins get out of the body, and also inhibit the development and growth of pathogenic bacteria. Spices are also considered some plants that grow in the garden, for example, garlic, onions, herbs, etc.




What are the basic rules for handling spices?




Buy whole




Whole spices are much better than ground ones. For example, it is better to always buy black pepper with peas, and grind it yourself at home, since in the ground purchased black pepper it is far from always strictly composed of pepper. Yes, you have to get a coffee grinder, but a mortar and pestle also works great.




If you buy fresh herbs, but pay attention to the color of the grass is very bright, juicy, and the leaves should look fresh, without black dots on them. Fresh herbs deteriorate very quickly, so buy only the amount you need.




Spices do not deteriorate and do not rot over time, but gradually lose their taste. Since spices are added specifically for flavor, it is of course better to use them for a certain amount of time.




If you don’t have the opportunity to grind whole spices yourself, then try to use the freshest possible. In most cases, ground spices need to be updated if they lie with you for more than six months. Whole dry spices can be stored for about two years, but only on condition that their storage conditions are met.




If you see that the spice looks dull, losing its original color, then throw it away. Watch the deadline very carefully to know when it is time to buy new ones.




Store red spices, such as paprika and red pepper, in the refrigerator. So they will keep their color and aroma longer.




Spices are used in very small quantities to give the dish a new taste and aroma. This means that they do not add a lot of calories to food. However, this does not mean that they do not affect your diet in any way, with their help you can add the necessary vitamins and minerals to your diet.




Spices should live away from moisture, heat and direct sunlight. Do not attach the spice rack over the stove or oven, because heat and humidity will adversely affect the quality of the spices. Before adding spices to the dish, sprinkle them first in your hand, because if you want to immediately add from the jar, there is a possibility, then during shaking, you can pour more than the intended amount.




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