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Soy texturate of SOPROTEKS-N

Soy texturate of SOPROTEKS-N

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The soy textured SOPROTEKS-N protein

We offer you the product, well-known to producers of the meat and fish forcemeats cooled and the frozen semi-finished products, sausages and canned food.

"SOPROTEKS-N" is developed from the soybeans which are grown up only in the territory of Serbia. The success of our product in the market is connected with its essential difference from other textured proteins - is as close as possible to natural imitation of structures of muscle fibers.


Experience of use of the textured SOPROTEKS-N soy protein showed:

- full structural compatibility of the textured protein with forcemeat of meat, a bird and fish;

- lack of GMO and its traces that is confirmed with the conclusion of the certified laboratory;

- stability of quality and ecological purity;

- high level of hydration 1: 3-3,5s preservation of moisture-holding ability after heat treatment of a product;

ü - the high speed of hydration - only 5 min. at 2-6 oC that gives the chance to exclude labor-intensive process of preliminary hydration and positively influences a microbiological background of a product;

- total absence of residual smack and a smell of soy in a ready-made product.

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Soy texturate of SOPROTEKS-N
Soy texturate of SOPROTEKS-N
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