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Sorption WF-1665 filter

Sorption WF-1665 filter

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The filter is intended for water purification from chlorine, organic and organochlorine impurity, foreign smells and smacks, decrease in chromaticity and oxidability of water. Productivity is up to 3 m3/h.

Scope: it is more often used as the precleaning module before installations of the return osmosis, softeners and other filters.

The filtering loading: absorbent carbon.

Principle of action: water, passing through the filtering material from top to down, it is cleared, and pollution are late on loading of the filter.

Regeneration: Cleaning of loading of the filter is made automatically in the set time by the return water flow - from below up. The saved-up pollution are washed away in the sewerage.

Features and Advantages of the filter:
Effective water purification from chlorine and organochlorine connections, foreign smells, smacks, chromaticity due to use of coal with high adsorptive ability
The modern operating valve with automatic regeneration of the filter at the scheduled time
The case of the filter is manufactured of high-strength composite materials, is steady against corrosion
Built in "антибайпас" - during regeneration the filter does not pass unboiled water in system
Possibility of installation of additional washings of the filter
Possibility of collaboration of several filters (as the systems "Duplex", "Triplex", etc.)

Technical parameters

Filter dimensions: diameter is 410 mm, height is 1810 mm.

The volume of the filtering loading: 150 l

Productivity: 3 m3/hour

Stream for washing of the filter: 2.7-3.2 m3/h

Water consumption on regeneration: 250 l

Regeneration duration: 7-10 min.

Water temperature: 5-45os

Working pressure: 3-6 bars

Losses of pressure at a filtration: 0,3-0,4 bars

Power supply: 220B, 50 Hz

Power consumption: 30 W

Connection to a water supply system, input and output: 1"

Connection to a drainage: 1
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Sorption WF-1665 filter
Sorption WF-1665 filter
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