Buy Solid fuel universal pyrolysis waste heat boilers.
Solid fuel universal pyrolysis waste heat boilers.

Solid fuel universal pyrolysis waste heat boilers.

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Boiler typePyrolysis
  • Method for removal of waste gasesChimney
  • Combustion chamber designClosed
  • Installation methodFloor standing
  • Heat exchanger materialSteel
  • ConditionNew



The best option for autonomous heat supply and hot water in modern realities, both for private houses and households, apartment buildings or villages, and for hotels or industrial complexes.

We offer the best, universal, economical and reliable solid fuel pyrolysis single and double - circuit boilers for solid domestic and industrial waste heat recovery boilers. Waste, both domestic and production facilities, for heat and hot water. Such boilers can dispose of almost all types of solid waste containing no acid. You practically get the cheapest heat and hot water and at the same time get rid of your waste.

Boilers can run on the following fuels: 50/50 with wood or wood waste: used car tires and other rubber, waste plastic and various plastics (except PVC), various waste composite packaging materials. Carbon black. As well as agricultural waste and farms. Briquettes, peat and coal

Also, for comfort lovers who do not want to tinker with waste and loading - unloading the boiler, it is possible to install a pellet burner with an automatic system for feeding pellets from a large hopper and automatic unloading of ash, which will allow you to forget about such troubles for a long time. Moreover, fuel consumption will pleasantly surprise you.

Information for those who want to buy an industrial pyrolysis solid fuel boiler in Ukraine

Industrial solid fuel boilers are installed in rooms with an area of at least 1000 m 2 . As a rule, the need for autonomous heating arises in production facilities remote from gas pipelines. For example, in agricultural areas, livestock farms, greenhouses, hospitals and schools need such equipment. But even in urban conditions, industrial boilers are no less in demand for heating storage facilities, service stations, industrial enterprises or office premises. This is due to the desire of many companies and organizations to abandon central heating, because stand - alone devices are much more economical and, moreover, provide the ability to regulate the heat supply taking into account weather conditions and personal needs.

Undoubtedly, more stringent requirements are imposed on solid - fuel heating systems in the city than in the suburbs. In particular, regulations provide for a certain level of emissions, so it makes sense to install boilers of the corresponding class

 Solid fuel boilers have a number of differences from traditional wood or coal burning stoves. First of all, these differences relate to the level of safety and service conditions. Modern solid fuel boilers are high - tech devices equipped with automatic fuel supply systems, digital control controllers and discharge fans. Boilers also appear on the market that can be controlled using computer programs. Industrial solid fuel boilers do not require constant monitoring of their operation, are not too demanding on fuel, easy to operate and connect, environmentally friendly and safe, have a high level of reliability and sufficient power. The safety of such equipment is ensured by a fire chamber made of thick - walled steel, lined with a layer of fireclay bricks.

It should be noted that the cost - effectiveness of such equipment is provided not only by the cheapness and availability of fuel. Savings are also achieved due to the lack of the need to transport heat, for example, to a remote workshop or a separate building. For each room, you can choose a boiler whose capacity is sufficient to heat a specific area.

When ordering solid fuel boilers of industrial type, specify the installation location, the volume of the heated room, the preferred type of fuel. This information will help our managers to choose the best equipment that is most suitable for your goals. In addition to standard boilers, we have the opportunity to design and manufacture non - standard equipment that meets the specified technical requirements. We guarantee the proper quality of each product, high efficiency of its work, safety and duration of operation. Our prices and level of service are highly competitive, and promotional offers with big discounts + the possibility of free delivery will make our cooperation even more fruitful and economically mutually beneficial.

Pyrolysis / Gas - generating boilers with a capacity of 150 - 500 kW

For rooms ranging from 1000 square meters. m. a powerful solid fuel boiler is needed. It is optimal to choose a gas - generating model that is characterized by maximum efficiency (90% ) and economy. The company offers pyrolysis boilers 200 - 500 kW of its own production. In addition to all the advantages, boilers have an affordable price, which is several times less than the cost of foreign analogues.

The Ukrainian manufacturer makes reliable heating equipment with innovative technologies. It has a complex structure, two combustion chambers, a large firebox (525 l) and the same loading hole. Floor pyrolysis boilers from DM - STELLA are heavy, but many parts can be replaced after wear, which is not typical for units of this type. And they have compact dimensions and a neat appearance, it is convenient to use and easy to care for.


Gas - generating boilers for continuous operation

The pyrolysis boiler operates on different types of solid fuel. This can be firewood, wood chips, sawdust, garbage, pellets, briquettes, plastic, rubber, leather, peat, some types of coal. One load is usually enough for 12 hours of burning. But this time depends on many factors, among which are the temperature of the environment, the humidity of the fuel, the thickness of the walls of the room, the amount of water in the system, etc.

150 kW pyrolysis boilers, like other gas generating sets from DM - STELLA, can operate under pressure and without it, have automation. 200 kW pyrolysis boilers are made, the price of which only seems high, from especially durable steel. The installation, in view of its high efficiency (efficiency reaches 100% ) and profitability, pays off in several years.
The company DM - STELLA is a domestic manufacturer who managed to earn the love of consumers. We carefully control every stage of production, check each installation before dispatch, and are ready to fulfill an individual order of any complexity as soon as possible. Contact us to bring warmth and comfort to the room while saving money.




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Solid fuel universal pyrolysis waste heat boilers.
Solid fuel universal pyrolysis waste heat boilers.
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