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Soil diagnostics, soil scanning

Soil diagnostics, soil scanning

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Ukraine, Mirgorod
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The technology of exact agriculture, tries to react to various sites of the field.
Variability of location is nominated from quality of the soil.

Therefore: variability of location is measured by the scanner - electromagnetic measuring system for drawing up land cards of the agricultural used areas.

Land scanner it:

- Measurement without destructions
- Online measurement - result on the place
- High spatial measurement - 100 measurements on 1/hectare.

Device construction
The scanner consists of the measuring EM38 device, highly exact DGPS,
measuring sledge and Online - the record device.

Measuring principle
The electromagnetic measuring EM38 device measures imaginary
electric conductivity of the earth. The sent coil induces
initial electromagnetic changes of the field in the earth. It makes
there is a weak secondary field which is registered the reception coil. From
the relations of both fields imaginary electric conductivity is made.

Use of results
By means of images director expressively
sees how various forms and conditions of the soil on fields stretch
all area. By sight it is possible to learn good (and less good fields)
- Rent, exchange, purchase of the areas
- Exact approach to land tests
- The counted condition of the soil
- To carry out exact land tests only in one class, without hashing with other classes.

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Soil diagnostics, soil scanning
Soil diagnostics, soil scanning
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