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Snow-white skin Cream day bleaching 75 ml buy in Kiev

Snow-white skin Cream day bleaching 75 ml

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The Snow White series is created for care of face skin with freckles and a hyperpegmentation irrespective of age and type of skin. The complex of the bleaching components of the Snow White line influences at several levels, not only regulating process of pigmentation of skin, but also softly eliminating already existing spots. Feature of action of complex care: - uniform bleaching of pigmentary spots and freckles; - prevention and protection against dark or undesirable coloring of skin; - protection against presenilation and withering of skin. Uniqueness of a compounding: A combination known vegetable (extract of a silver birch, extract of a white lily) and new safe (dipalmitat koyevy acid, ascorbic acid) the bleaching agents with the substances improving permeability of epidermis, antioxidants, vitamins, natural oils and humidifiers. As a result the level of concentration of melanin decreases, and skin is not painted. Plant extract of a silver birch is rich betuliny and tannins. ANA-acids accelerate peeling of a horn layer of epidermis that promotes more bystry disappearance of pigmentary spots, smoothing of roughnesses of skin and small wrinkles. For obtaining the lasting bleaching effect application of the full Snow White complex is desirable: The clarifying gel for washing the evening Recommended use period Clarifying a srub Day bleaching cream Cream asset Purifying lotion: March-November, the table on application of the comprehensive program "Snow White" for different types of skin is specified in the instruction which is attached to day cream and cream asset from this series. Day bleaching cream the Snow White provides protection of skin against the UV rays (SPF 20) causing pigmentation strengthening, emergence of freckles and influencing photoageing of skin. Besides sun-protection filters this cream contains the bleaching complexes restoring a natural whiteness of skin that does it irreplaceable in the daily program of the bleaching leaving. Optical and auxiliary clarification of skin happens due to the bleaching effect of extracts of a white lily, a glycyrrhiza. Cream prevents development of pigmentary spots and freckles, evenly bleaches and improves skin color, provides and improves skin color, provides prevention of presenilation of skin. Structure: water, oktilmetoksitsinnamat, the corn oil, glycerin, monoglycerides distilled tsetostearol, stearol, perfumery oil, tseteart, dioxide of the titan, dipalmitat koyevy acid, butilmetoksidibenzoilmetan, ethoxydiglycol, emulsion wax, a diazolidinmochevina, methylparaben, probilparaben, lanet, lactic acid, dinatrium of an edt, lanolin, perfume, a tea, a boa, vitamin C (askorbilfosfat sodium), extract of a white lily, extracts of a bearberry, a glycyrrhiza. Producer: Biogame (Russia-Ukraine-France)
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