Buy Snail caviar, Xelix pomatia, 50gr.
Snail caviar, Xelix pomatia, 50gr.

Snail caviar, Xelix pomatia, 50gr.

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Caviar is also source: vitamin A which on effect is similar to vitamin C (helps immunity to remove slags, strengthens vessels, increases sight), but unlike it it is capable to collect. Therefore caviar is useful to all who want to strengthen the immunity, to recover after illness quicker and to improve sight;
the vitamin D which is taking part in forming and strengthening of bones. Especially it is useful to pregnant women and nursing mothers to prevention of rickets at children;
vitamin E which is called still sex hormone as it normalizes metabolism in gonads but also, rejuvenates cages and brings slags out of fatty tissue. Therefore vitamin E is useful at sexual weakness;
the vitamin B providing normal functioning of nervous system and brain, improving blood circulation, stimulating activity of pancreas and liver, which is taking part in metabolism;
folic acid necessary for maintenance of healthy immune system;
iodine which is very important for prevention of diseases of thyroid gland;
the minerals (copper, zinc, cobalt, iron, nickel, potassium, sodium) which are part of all fabrics and biological liquids of organism which are taking part in all types of metabolism.

To receive kilogram of caviar, it is required to process about 260 layings manually. For the use caviar is cooked in special salt brine then pack into jars. Caviar of snails of milk color is also very similar to pearls. However, similarity to pearls is not limited to appearance. The immodest price — $100 for 100 grams of caviar is payment for labor-intensive and expensive process of receiving product. Unique delicate flavor absolutely other than taste of more usual sturgeon roe. It is recommended to use caviar of snails room temperature, adding sour cream, or olive oil with black bread.

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Snail caviar, Xelix pomatia, 50gr.
Snail caviar, Xelix pomatia, 50gr.
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