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We bring to your attention the SLS drive for a direct sliding door of ASTORE. At rather low cost, this drive possesses a number of advantages before other more expensive brands presented today at the market.

1. The strong anodized aluminum case.
It is convenient for installation. The universal configuration allows its use together with any sliding door profile systems.
2. Besshchetochny 24B engine of a direct current.
Silent high-speed and strong. It is calculated for long and intensive operation. Service life is limited only by service life of its bearings! This type of the engine is more expensive, but in tens of times more reliable, than used in the majority of modern drives for automatic doors.
Over the last 5 years sales any of engines of this model did not burn down!

3. Planetary reducer.
Provides the smallest losses by transfer of engine capacity to moving shutters. Mechanical components of a reducer are made of the high-strength wearproof polymers ensuring low-noisy and hard functioning.
4. Microcomputer controller.
The new improved scheme allows to operate more simply and more reliably work of a door.
5. Pulse power supply unit.
Ensures stable functioning of automatic equipment even at an unstable tension in electric networks.
6. Control unit of a photobarrier.

7. The adjustable conducted pulley.
It is made of the anti-static durable Japanese polymer considerably reducing noise indicators. Serves for adjustment of a tension of a gear belt.
8. The removable directing rail.
Minimizes costs of post warranty operation of an automatic door.
9. Gear belt.
Strong elastic and anti-static driving belt. Serves reliably and long. Cross cut of the drive

10. Carriage.
The three-roller carriage with rollers from the Japanese durable polymer provides strong fastening of mobile shutters to a motionless door design. It is accurately positioned between the directing rails of the case of the drive and thus prevents jingle of mobile shutters.
11. Movement limiter.
Serves for restriction of a way of the movement of mobile shutters of a door
Control panel.
It is intended for regulation of working parameters and switching of functions of an automatic door.

Sensors and photobarriers.
The wide range of sensors of detection of the movement, sensors of safety and photobarriers of the Japanese production is offered.

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