Buy Shure UT4 UHF-2 radio system 2 of the shure sm-58ii microphone
Shure UT4 UHF-2 radio system 2 of the shure sm-58ii microphone

Shure UT4 UHF-2 radio system 2 of the shure sm-58ii microphone

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Technical characteristics
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Shure UT4 UHF-2 SM58 radio system, two shure sm-58ii radiomicrophones.
Advanced vocal model with additional audio exits
complete with a convenient plastic case.
Has 3 audioexits, including XLR, as in more expensive systems.
Vocal Artist UHF/SM58 model.

Compact, high quality radio system with two SM58 microphones.
Perfectly is suitable for the organization of various actions, office and
house use.

The microphone for a vocal, singing, karaokes, holding the parties training
and entertaining actions.
Radius of action is up to 70 meters.
Very compact case, 2 independent radio modules.

The radio base has such audio exits:
- 2 exits symmetric XLR plug, audio exit SPF-07 canon.
- audio vykhord, plug big Jack, jack 6,25 (1/4).
It is most adapted for a vocal, average frequencies are lifted.
Distinctive feature in comparison with other similar models
the fact that here better radiomicrophones are used is
same, as in more expensive radio systems.
Protection of electromagnetic aimings allows to use to radiosistiy
as a part of the sound intensifying equipment.
System of suppression of hindrances.
On base there are indicators of network, contact with the microphone, signal audio.
Separate adjustment of level of loudness on each channel.
Radiomicrophones work at batteries krone, have the indicator of the category of the battery.
For use on the laptop, or the computer we can complete audio
adapter from big Jack on minidzhek.

The cardioid vocal dynamic microphone with high sensitivity.
There are smooth adjustments of level of an output signal on each channel.
Indicator of inclusion of food.
LED indication of communication of microphones with base and signal peaks.
Sensitivity - 80db. System of suppression of hindrances - 90db
System of protection against drop-out of a signal.
Radiomicrophones has the built-in antennas.
Range of frequencies 550-580Mhz.
The Shure UHF UT4 radio system the radius of action is up to 70 meters.
Shure Sm58 UT4 UHF radiomicrophones work at krone batteries.

Radio Shure UT4 UHF base.
Dynamic Shure SM58 2 radiomicrophones of piece.
External adapter of food.
Cable from the standard plug 1/4 Jack.
Antennas telescopic 2 pieces.
Instruction. Protective cardboard packing.
Convenient plastic suitcase. 2 Batteries krone.

Prered sending surely we check working capacity.
High-quality additional packing for preservation of appearance of packing of system.
To buy Shure UT4 UHF-2 SM58 radiomicrophones in Kiev, Moscow, delivery across Ukraine,
Russia and CIS.
(To buy Shure UHF UT4-2 SM58 in Moscow, Russia the price with delivery of 3100 rub)

Delivery Kiev, Moscow, all cities of Ukraine, Russia, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk.
Donetsk, Odessa, Lviv.

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Shure UT4 UHF-2 radio system 2 of the shure sm-58ii microphone
Shure UT4 UHF-2 radio system 2 of the shure sm-58ii microphone
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