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Shirokozakhvatny dozhdevalny cars

Shirokozakhvatny dozhdevalny cars

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The LLC Terratarsa company offers modern systems of the mechanized irrigation. Dozhdevalny cars can work at fields of any configuration. Sets of the fixed or rotating dozhdevatel, allow to irrigate soils of all types, in different climatic conditions and on different sowing cultures that reduces the water losses caused by evaporation, running off or a sduvaniye of wind allows to spend a smaller amount of water and to save means.
Circular irrigation systems

Circular systems of an orsheniye are involved
from the main source of water supply around which there is a process of watering in a movement in a circle.
Reliable design from the high-strength galvanized steel.
Possibility of a complete set the module for introduction of chemicals and fertilizers. You bring chemistry directly through irrigating system and save the considerable sums

Frontal irrigation systems

By means of irrigating systems there is an opportunity to irrigate the big area with the minimum quantity of water, to dispose productively of the irrigation course.

Efficiency of watering

The system of energy saving - works with a pressure from 2,5 atm.
Low intensity of watering keeps structure of the soil and protects from washing away
- is energy saving system of low pressure;
- high efficiency of watering, at the expense of an arrangement of sprays;
- the sparing system of watering, thanks to small kinetic energy of a drop;
- the smallest expenses at the maximum area of watering;
- an opportunity to program norm, time of watering and working hours of system of an orsheniye.


The cost of capital investments is $1700/1 hectares;
The term of operation is 30 years;
Wide range of the cultures suitable for an irrigation overhead irrigation;
High efficiency of investments;
Productivity increase to 20%.

The irrigation guarantees receiving a harvest year after year.
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Shirokozakhvatny dozhdevalny cars
Shirokozakhvatny dozhdevalny cars
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