Order Service of the territory (gardening)
Service of the territory (gardening)

Service of the territory (gardening)

1000 UAH
Ukraine, Kiev
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We provide services in care of the planted plants, a lawn, gardens.
Service of a garden site during the season of 4-5 times in month from 3000 UAH/month. The cost of service depends on the size of a site, quantity of plants.
Fundamental obligations of the gardener is: care of a lawn, trees, bushes and flower beds.
Care of a lawn:
* Hairstyle
* Combing
*. Application of fertilizers
*. Aeration
*. Removal of weeds
*. Processing by herbicide of selective action

Care of flower beds:
* Weeding
*. Top dressing
*. Division and change of perennials
*. Processing from diseases and wreckers

Care of trees and bushes:
*. Cutting
*. Application of fertilizers
*. Weeding (cleaning of weeds near a pristvolny circle)
*. Processing by preparations from diseases and wreckers
*. Shelter for the winter
*. Disclosure in the spring
The works connected with use of various preparations do not include their cost.
And also you can receive recommendations of the expert in care of a site, the schedule and frequency rate of performance of work. We will define a disease of plants, a lawn and we will make recommendations about treatment, prevention of diseases. 066 139 85 89

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Service of the territory (gardening)
Service of the territory (gardening)
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