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Serum dry demineralized

Serum dry demineralized

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Technical characteristics
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Dry demineralized whey - milk dry whey from which the part of mineral salts is removed. The demineralized dry product differs from natural serum in the improved organoleptic characteristics, higher level of solubility and less high level of acidity. Allocate several extents of demineralization from 20 to 90% .


  • in the dairy industry by production of spreads, smetanny products, cottage cheese and cottage cheese products, yogurts, frozen, concentrated milk, processed cheeses, drinks;
  • in the feed mill industry for production of forages for agricultural animals, including production of milk equivalents;
  • in the meat - processing industry by production of cooked sausages, sausages, sausages as replacement of powdered milk;
  • in the confectionery and baking industry at candy manufacture, bakery goods, chocolate pastes, stuffings of candies and various glazes;
  • in the fat - and - oil industry by production of mayonnaise and fatty sauces;
  • in perfumery and pharmaceutical industry by production of various shampoos, creams, masks, cosmetic serums, medicines;
  • in the brewing industry;
  • for production of sports food.

As raw materials for production of demineralized whey serve milk subcheese, casein and cottage cheese serums.

Demineralized whey turns out as a result of department of part of mineral substances (salts).

The product is made by pasteurization and condensation of fresh cow's milk. Further the product is homogenized and dry on raspylitelny and valtsevy sushka at emperatura 150 - 180 °C with the subsequent drying and sifting.


Milk dry whey represents finely divided dry hygroscopic powder from white till yellow color. Taste and smell - sweet, slightly sourish, without off - tastes and smells. The increased content of lactose impacts to serum sweet taste.

Any serum represents mix of proteins, lactoses, minerals and water, at production of cheeses and cottage cheese the most part of lactose, and also practically all milk salts, mineral substances and minerals passes into it. This structure does it extremely useful to the person and agricultural animals and irreplaceable in production of many food and cosmetic products.

It is applied to improvement of whippability, binding of water, replacement of chicken egg white and yolk, improvement of structure of emulsions.

Technical characteristics

  • humidity - no more than 4%
  • lactose - not less than 75,0%
  • fats - no more than 1,5%
  • mineral substances - no more than 8,5%
  • proteins - not less than 11,5%
  • rn - not less than 6,2
  • solubility - no more than 0,5 ml

(Demineralization is clarification of serum from the salts dissolved in it, in particular from sodium chlorine (table salt).

Process of demineralization of whey broadens the sphere of its use in the food industry. It first of all is connected with specific properties of demineralized whey.

Today spheres of use of the demineralized whey in the food industry are established:

  • - for production of dairy products (ice cream, curd pastes, baby food, processed cheeses);
  • - for candy stores and bakery goods (gingerbreads, cakes, cookies, candies, butter bread);
  • - for meat products (cooked sausages, ham, pastes);
  • - for medicines.

These technologies allow to create functional food which not only differ from the products received on traditional technologies but also possess number of unique properties. Let's review some examples of use of the dry whey demineralized:

  • - ice cream with demineralized whey has whippability 15 - 20% higher that promotes volumetric gain of products and lighter assimilation;
  • - the butter bread with demineralized whey corresponds on the volume and quality to bread with addition of powdered skim milk, but differs longer period of storage;
  • - at introduction of the dry whey demineralized in sausage goods allows to reduce probability of formation of water pockets and to increase exit of ready - made product.

The enterprise has possibility of providing samples of the dry whey demineralized for the comparative characteristic of the raw materials used by you.

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Serum dry demineralized
Serum dry demineralized
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