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Senegalese parrots

Senegalese parrots

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Senegalese parrot - a bird of the sizes, very small for the group. Length makes it, as a rule, 25 cm. The accurate external difference between parrots of a different floor does not exist. All individuals are painted more or less evenly. The name of this species of parrots is explained by the fact that the main zone of dwelling of a bird is Senegal and the countries adjoining on this African state. Under natural conditions eggs of a Senegalese parrot have to be hatched out 3-3,5 weeks. In one laying there are usually 3 eggs. The male does not "help" with a nasizhivaniye of eggs but only looks after during this period a female, getting necessary provisions. The female is concentrated only on the future posterity at this time. In three months baby birds have a necessary plumage, and the first departure of baby birds from a nest comes after 10-12 weeks after a vyluplivaniye from egg.
Representatives of this version attract fans of parrots first of all with the unusual plumage. As well as at the majority of parrots, color of feathers in various places is rather diverse. The Senegalese parrot well remembers the human speech that does him by very attractive purchase for house courting. This species of a parrot is divided into two subspecies: Senegalese parrots with yellow and orange plumage around a paunch. It is very important that you tamed very young parrot. The Senegalese representative of parrots very quickly adapts to new conditions of the dwelling, to the new owner. Possessing ability to fast training, this bird is very popular poultry. However being very clever and bright, the Senegalese parrot is capable of very interesting, but at the same time unexpected and dangerous acts. He is capable to get out, for example, without assistance of a cage and to make a set of other pranks.
The Senegalese parrot can be the ideal decision for those who are only going to make to themselves the feathery friend as the enthusiasm which is always present at any undertaking has to be enough for following this restless and often disobedient creation which, in turn, with pleasure will divide with you your free time.
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Senegalese parrots
Senegalese parrots
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