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Semicircular automatic doors

Semicircular automatic doors

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Curved, semicircular and round automatic doors become more and more popular recently. And it is not surprising if to consider current trends in use of the rounded forms in construction and architecture.

But these types of automatic doors remain still big rarity in view of their high cost, in comparison by usual direct automatic doors.

We tried to change a price situation, and thanks to introduction of some of our new constructive and technological know-how, we offer our clients an opportunity of purchase of automatic curved designs at lower prices.

You can choose the following color schemes for an aluminum design:
1. Painting at colors according to the RAL catalog;
2. Anodizing under bronze, aluminum, stainless steel;
3. Drawing a covering under mirror metallics - chrome, gold, etc.

Also, we offer a wide choice of sensors for curved automatic designs with special characteristics. Some of them infrared action, others - microwave. As a photobarrier, we offer infrared or ultrasonic devices, at your choice. Designs can be also in all-glass execution, have or not have a roof. As an additional option, we offer illumination insert.
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Semicircular automatic doors
Semicircular automatic doors
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