Buy Semiautomatic device packing with the weight doser PAF-20-V
Semiautomatic device packing with the weight doser PAF-20-V

Semiautomatic device packing with the weight doser PAF-20-V

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Technical characteristics
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Packaging semiautomatic device with the weight doser PAF-20-V

The packaging semiautomatic device is intended for packing by the weight method of dosing of any loose not raising dust products, including hardly loose, and their packagings in polymeric films.

Consists of the automatic packing semiautomatic device and the weight doser. Functions in the semi-automatic mode (it is put in action by efforts of the operator) and provides performance to 20 packagings a minute.

Specifications and characteristics

Power supply
Tension of the power line, In 220
Frequency of current of the power line, Hz 50
Electricity consumption, kW/hour 0,5
Overall dimensions and weight
Length (no more), mm 1 300
Width (no more), mm 1 300
Height (no more), mm 2 800
Weight (no more), kg 180
Sizes and thickness of the packaging material
Thickness of the packaging film (admissible), mkn 20-60
Roll width (maximum), mm 380
Outer diameter of the roll (maximum), mm 300
Characteristics of work
Bunker volume for raw materials, l -
PAF-20-V1 (the bunker with 1 mouth) 60
PAF-20-V2 (the bunker with 2 mouths) 120
Dosing limits (dose weight), 20-2000
Dose error (admissible), % 2
Dosing speed (maximum), doses/mines: * -
PAF-20-V1 (the doser with 1 "stream" **) 10
PAF-20-V2 (the doser with 2 "streams" **) 20
Time of welding (soldering) of packaging, sec. 1-2
Heating of the solder node (welding method) permanent
Packaging length (maximum), mm 300
Packaging width (maximum), mm 200
Regulated parameters
Weight of the dose (range), 20-2000
Temperature of heating of the solder node (range), gr. Celsius 80-250
* machine output for packing depends on the type of the packed-up product, its flowability, density, humidity, size of the dose and properties of the packaging material.
** the devices and devices providing consciousness of the separate flow of the packed-up product from the doser bunker, its separation into doses and issue of such doses in the certain sequence hereinafter are referred to as "stream". Are the part of the stream: the bunker mouth with the shiber, the vibrotray located under such mouth, weighing the ladle to which the vibrotray gives the product, and the control unit controller, the managing director of work of the vibrotray and the weighing ladle (see point 3.3 of section 3).

Description of work.

The packed-up product gets enough sleep through the bunker mouth on the vibrotray which, vibrating with the set amplitude, gives it to the weighing ladle. The ladle fastens to the doser frame on the tensometric sensor (strain gage). At achievement of the specified weight parameters, the strain gage gives the signal on the doser control unit (Libra controller) which stops the vibrotray, stopping giving of the product.

By pressing by the operator of the pedal of the mechanical drive the solder node is put in action and the control unit of the automatic packing semiautomatic device monitoring work of the solder node on the signal of the capacity sensor gives the impulse to the same time to the doser controller (the signal "Unloading").

Having received the impulse, the controller of the doser gives the signal on opening weighing kovsha*. The ladle opens, pouring out the contents in the watering can. On the watering can, through the tube of rukavoobrazuyushchy adaptation, the product gets enough sleep in the packaging film curtailed by the tuba (sleeve) with the soldered back seam and the bottom (packaging procurement). At this time the controller includes the vibrotray for filling of the weighing ladle the next portion of the product.

After unloading of the weighing ladle (issue of the dose of the product), it is necessary for the operator, having taken hands by the edges of the horizontal seam of the sleeve of the film (packaging procurement), to stretch the film down at the established packaging length (is defined by emphasis provision). At drawing there is the unwinding of the roll and turning of the film, through the collar, in the sleeve around the tube.

Having stretched the film sleeve (in which there is the product dose) on necessary distance, the operator presses the leg the pedal, than puts the solder node in action, and also initiates issue by the control unit of the automatic packing semiautomatic device of the impulse to the Libra controller (the signal "Unloading").

The solder node uses the principle of permanent heating and when pressing the pedal seam type the upper seam of the filled packaging, the lower and lateral seams of the following packaging at the same time solders "euroseam". At the same time, at the time of welding department of the filled packaging by the film section by the mechanical gear knife, and also issue by the doser of the portion of the product in the following packaging (packaging procurement) is made.

After disconnection of welded elements (return of the pedal to the initial state) the operator needs to discard the filled packaging (to put the special capacity, the box or on the taking-away conveyor), to stretch the film sleeve down at length of packaging and to press repeatedly the pedal, continuing the cycle of packing of the product.

Appointment and features

The packaging semiautomatic device is optimum for packing of products of any flowability, except for raising dust (flour, icing sugar). Considering the method of dosing and the characteristic of the doser, the semiautomatic device allows to change randomly portions of the packed-up product, and also to reach the most exact dosage. Unlike the pouavtomat with the volume doser (PAF-20 - About), has no restrictions for change of the packed-up product.

The semiautomatic device has essential dimensions and weight and demands floor placement. There are also restrictions on width of the used film and height of the created packaging specified in technical characteristics. Production of the automatic machine of the increased sizes is possible - width of the film will be maximum to make up to 400 mm, and package height to 300 mm.

The packaging semiautomatic device is issued in the PAF-20-V1 and PAF-20-V2 models. Their difference among themselves consists in number of the weighing ladles ("streams"): in PAF-20-V1 1 "streams", and in PAF-20-V2 - 2 "streams".

The solder node of the packaging semiautomatic device (irrespective of model) is completed with the dator allowing to apply on the upper seam of 6 signs in the XX XX XX format (day, month, year). Besides, each of models can be completed in addition:

  • replaceable set for change of width of the film (tube collar);
  • device of the standing package;
  • the device of drawing the prosechka on the seam ("euroloop", "eurocarving").
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Semiautomatic device packing with the weight doser PAF-20-V
Semiautomatic device packing with the weight doser PAF-20-V
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