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Self-adhesive Steriking packages

Self-adhesive Steriking packages

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Self-adhesive Steriking packages are intended and developed for application in stomatologic and medical institutions and hospitals. They can be easy, effective both are reliably pressurized and exclude need for devices for thermowelding. Self-adhesive packages are made of a durable transparent synthetic film of Multilayer and special paper with a density of 70 g/cm2 and supplied with a self-adhesive strip on the loading end. The indicator strips designating a way of sterilization are provided in them: steam or EO gas. Text sites are located out of a working zone of packing that prevents pollution by dye. When opening a package the office of materials occurs in the direction designated by an arrow. Self-adhesive packages have the same advantages, as traditional transparent packing products of the Steriking series. In all cases operation of sealing should be carried out on a plain working surface. At the same time choose a package with sufficient for a suitable packing the sizes. Then straighten the paper valve of a package, put the packed material in a package and close as follows:

1. Remove a protective strip from the gluing covering.

2. The paper valve is wrapped along the line of a bend designated on a package. Then strongly squeeze the valve and a film, beginning from the center and moving ahead to edges to create strong and uniform connection.

3. Are convinced that in a zone of pasting there are no air tubules. After that packing is ready to sterilization.

Self-adhesive Steriking Self Seal packages are issued in the practical transfer cases containing 200 packages.

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Self-adhesive Steriking packages
Self-adhesive Steriking packages
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