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SCWR-D-TR 760/140 water cooler

SCWR-D-TR 760/140 water cooler

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SCWR-D-TR 760/140 water cooler

SCWR-D-TR 760/140 water cooler - discrete action in tropical execution, for cooling and maintenance of water temperature at the level of 2 °C. Productivity is up to 540 l/hour. The volume of accumulative capacity of the cooled water of 140 l. R134a coolant. It is made of stainless steel. The microprocessor control unit with LCD - the display. Stationary installation.


The water cooler of SCWR-D-TR 760/140 of a tropical series, is intended for cooling of water and maintenance of its temperature at the level of 2? Page -

Water cooler of discrete action.

The tight compressor with R134a brand coolant is used.

The water cooler is intended for service conditions when ambient temperature does not exceed 55? With, and temperature of the water pumped for cooling no more than 45? C. At the same time, when calculating the minimum temperature of chilled water, it must be kept in mind that the sum of the specified temperatures did not exceed 85? S. Naprimer, in case of giving on an entrance of a water cooler of water temperature 25? With at ambient temperature 35? With, it is capable to make 540 liters cooled to 2? From water in an hour. During water supply process the electrovalve of loading is in open situation. The water pumped from the highway with pressure 1,5. 5,0 bars, pass in the lamellar evaporator where it is cooled by means of coolant, and then moves in accumulative capacity of 140 l. When capacity is filled, the valve of loading is closed, the circulation electrovalve opens, and the pump begins to work. Water by means of the pump gets from capacity and moves in the evaporator where it under the influence of coolant is cooled. After that she back moves in capacity, and process begins anew. Thus, fast fall of temperature of water to the established value is carried out.

Capacity represents the thermoisolated tank made of stainless steel.

Use of three sensors of temperature of high precision is provided: one for measurement of water temperature on an entrance, another at once at the exit from the heat exchanger and one more in capacity.

For protection of the pump against work without water in a tank the double sensors of a minimum level controlled by electronics are installed.

For management of process of loading and a condition of the electrovalve of loading also sensors of the maximum and emergency water levels are installed.

For protection of the heat exchanger against formation of ice in a type of a low flow the water pressure sensor is provided.

All sensors are controlled by electronics.

Anyway, use of an exit for water of excessive pressure is provided.

The design of a water cooler is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The pump for circulation and water supply on an exit, and also the lamellar evaporator is manufactured of AISI 316 stainless steel.

All connections are soldered by a silver alloy, and copper pipes are covered with thermoinsulating material in "cold" sites in order to avoid condensation and losses of heat. For cooling of coolant the heat exchanger with compulsory air cooling is used. Pipes of the heat exchanger are made of copper, and an edge from aluminum.

The control unit on the basis of the microprocessor with the LCD display with illumination, indicators of a state and buttons of management for control, programming and independent - diagnostics.

There is a week energy saving program - for automatic daily reclosure.

The water cooler is supplied with the integrated system of two-phasic self-cleaning for - removals - limy - a raid which is programmed by the technical specialist and occurs under his control. In - cleaning process cleaning - solution circulates by means of - the pump through the accumulative capacity and the evaporator.

There is an entrance for remote control of the water cooler pump from batchers of DOX water and batchers mixers of DOMIX water.

The water cooler of SCWR-D-TR 760/140 is executed in option of stationary floor installation. - -

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SCWR-D-TR 760/140 water cooler
SCWR-D-TR 760/140 water cooler
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