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Sand alluvium Kiev

Sand alluvium Kiev

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Sand alluvium Kiev

LLC Ukrremstroyservice offers the services to a sand ponamyv. For extraction of sand from a bottom of a reservoir the hydromechanized way is used - sand in the form of a pulp arrives on the pipeline and is transported on a certain distance by means of zemlesosny shells and auxiliary equipment. Having extensive park of cars and mechanisms (from mini-dredges to big industrial dredges, excavators and bulldozers) our enterprise will execute any amounts of works on a sand alluvium.

Services in a sand alluvium in Kiev and across Ukraine

The cost of services in an alluvium of sand depends on type and amount of works. The price calculates after obtaining introduction information from the customer. Our enterprise renders services in all territory of Ukraine. We perform a wide range of works on a hydroalluvium with use of various types of zemlesosny shells.

- the alluvium of new territories and earth constructions is a creation of new land areas by method of development of soil from a bottom of a reservoir and movement its coastal zone for increase in the earth available to development. The method of a hydroalluvium was widely adopted thanks to the simplicity and low cost in comparison with other methods since in this case there is no need for attraction of numerous cars and mechanisms for transportation of soil, its laying, planning and consolidation (since at the hydromechanized way soil moves by means of energy of water and it is condensed naturally without use of special equipment).

- raising of already existing territories - in need of a raising of the site located near a reservoir it is expedient to use a method of an alluvium of sites with use of the dredge (instead of traditional adding a site by means of dump trucks and land equipment). At the same time the total cost of works will be several times lower.

The method of a hydroalluvium is also applicable for low-lying sites and the boggy district. As a result of an alluvium it is possible to receive the steady basis quite suitable for construction on it various objects, buildings and other constructions of different function;

- an alluvium of sites under construction of facilities - an alluvium of sites under building, i.e. a sand alluvium for the purpose of further construction of objects of municipal or industrial construction on again - the educated land area;

- extraction of sand and sand-gravel mixes - for extraction of sand in the industrial purposes and scales (for ZhBK plants, the glass industry, brick-works, etc.) use zemlesosny shells.

In case of construction of facilities near reservoirs it is expedient to use dredges since the cost of earthwork with use of hydromechanization will be much less, than at use of excavators and bulldozers, at the same time efficiency of 1 man-hour will be more many times in comparison with conducting works as digging cars.
- the alluvium of beaches, embankments, an alluvium of islands - dredges are also used for creation and improvement of beaches or restoration of the recreational territories which are in an inadequate state allow to wash artificial islands, are applied to construction of embankments and other objects;
- constructions of dams, dams, approaches to bridges - construction of various hydraulic engineering and engineering constructions;

- arrangement of embankments, crossing points and other - dredges are used to a sand alluvium for the purpose of formation of embankments for automobile and the railroads, overpasses and so forth;

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Sand alluvium Kiev
Sand alluvium Kiev
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