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Salt evaporated vacuum bags buy in Kiev

Salt evaporated vacuum bags

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  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • TypeSalt
  • Weight50 kg
  • Release formFine
  • PackagingBag

Salt is vital for life activity of the person, is equal as all other living beings. The chlorine ion in salt is basic material for production of hydrochloric acid — important component of gastric juice. The daily need for salt makes 10 - 15 g, and in the conditions of hot climate, owing to the increased sweating — to 25 - 30 g. As the organism needs not salt, per se, and ions of sodium and chloride ions, the need for salt is influenced by consumption of other sodium salts and chlorine. The organism compensates for the salt deficiency destruction of bone and muscular fabrics. The lack of salt can lead to depressions, nervous and mental diseases, violation of digestion and cardiovascular activity, to spasms of smooth muscles, osteoporosis, anorexia. At chronic shortage of the ions making salt, as well as other macrocells, in organism the death is possible. The famous biochemist and the publicist Zhores Medvedev reports that the person can sustain total absence of salt in diet no more than 10 - 11 days. Salt solutions are applied when washing nasal cavity. Since ancient times tribes of hunters and cattle - farmers satisfied need for salt, using in food meat products, sometimes in the raw. consume, generally the plant food poor in chloride sodium [Signs of shortage of salt are the headache and weakness, dizziness, nausea. Improvement of health after addition of salt in food, and also excellent conservation properties of salt during eras when other methods of long preservation of food were unknown, have generated to it the special relation, as to the most valuable product].

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