Buy Rug with heating of the Trio!
Rug with heating of the Trio!

Rug with heating of the Trio!

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Rug with heating, an electrorug in a carpet, a rug with heating in a carpet,

What it is intended for?

From this rug you and your pets will be able to be warmed by soft pleasant heat. Infrared heat does not burn through air and does not burn at a touch, and favorably influences blood circulation and improves cellular activity of an organism, warms persons/animals/birds, but does not warm up air. Comfortable warmly infrared radiation soothingly affects nervous system. Besides a heater portable, easy and compact, that is you will be able to use it in different places!

Where to apply?

1. Houses, at the dacha, in other room for heating of small pets (kitties, doggies) where there are difficulties with heating. The heater will warm soft heat, without burning oxygen.

2. At office, trade rooms, kindergartens, salons, massage offices, physiotherapeutic offices or in other rooms - for local heating of legs or hands (to enclose on a desktop).

3. For heating of chickens or other poultry that promotes rapid growth and reduction of mortality!

4. In a hall the rug can be used for drying of footwear, especially children's! Always pulls children in a pool and often the footwear does not manage to dry out to the following walk!

5. Houses in kitchen - to dry fruit, vegetables and herbs.

What features?

- European quality and rather low price (high quality of a heating element, isolation, dopmaterial).

- absolutely safely it is also useful for people/animals/plants (protection on DSTU 3135.0-95 - a class II, protection of a cover in accordance with GOST 14254-96 - the class Ip21).

- economic in use (consumption - 30 W).

- convenient and simple in use, storage and transportation (easy, small-volume).

- the certified production with guarantee maintenance within 12 months.

How to use?

1. To get from packing and to develop.

2. To spread and include a heater in a network.

3. It is impossible to bend a heater on a corner more than 150 degrees.

4. It is impossible to insert a fork into the damaged socket.

5. It is not recommended to leave children, persons with limited intellectual ability without supervision with the working heater, and also to leave included unguarded it is long.

6. Avoid hit of water on a heater.

7. Do not allow formation of folds and sharp excesses.

8. Do not puncture a heater with sharp objects.

9. Not to use at mechanical damages of a cord or the heater, do not try to conduct repair independently.

10. It is impossible to cover the working heater (furniture, equipment, big soft toys, a plaid, a blanket or other objects with low conductivity).

11. It is impossible to use at a strong tension and at cable excesses.

12. Placement of a heater near flammable liquids or materials is excluded.

If you do not fulfill safety requirements which are stated above, the producer does not bear damage liability and damage to health and property.

How to look after, store and transport?

1. Careful cleaning by stirring is recommended, to watch that moisture did not get on the socket and to include in a network at full drying of a heater.

2. It is possible to transport and store in "native" packing, it will save from pollution and moisture.

What technical characteristics of this product?

Safety: protection on DSTU 3135.0-95 - a class II

protection of a cover in accordance with GOST 14254-96 - the class Ip21

Temperature on a surface is no more - 40 C,

Work resource: 60 000 hours.

Power: 30 W.

Tension: 220 Century.

Weight: 0,5 kg.

Sizes: 55 x 33 cm.

Thickness: 0,5 cm.

Cord length: 140 cm.

Material of the top layer: carpet.

Producer: Ukraine.

Whether there is a guarantee?

At observance of requirements quality according to TU U 29.7-35052801-001:2008 is guaranteed. Within 12 months.

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Rug with heating of the Trio!
Rug with heating of the Trio!
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