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Rubber crumb of EPDM

Rubber crumb of EPDM

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What is EPDM a crumb?

For what epdm a crumb is used? Such material is made in the chemical way with use of synthetic or natural rubber (in accordance with GOST).

Such crumb, depending on preferences of the consumer, can have the most various fractional sizes – from 0 to 3 millimeters.

Strangely enough, but most part of such material as epdm crumb, which price always

contractual, is used not for production of new automobile tires at all, and is perfect for other purposes. Such crumb – ideal raw materials for production of the most different types of materials from rubber, rubber rugs, a rubber sole for footwear, and also the most different types are made of it
sound-proof coverings on the basis of rubber. Besides, often make the coverings possessing the properties absorbing vibration of such crumb.

The rubber crumb is very important for road construction – it can make up to 10% of the total amount of cement. Besides, it can be used and as independent raw materials for production of a sidewalk covering.

Except other, such crumb becomes more and more popular for production of specialized coverings for stadiums and the covered sports grounds in recent years. From such raw materials the covering turns out that possesses fine coupling with sports shoes, not slippery, and very elastic that it is very important for a backbone and joints of athletes that on these coverings train. It must be kept in mind that for such purposes only the crumb whose diameter does not exceed 2 millimeters is used. Except other, from such crumb make coverings that are used in shops of plants where work with hostile environment.

If diameter of a crumb exceeds 2 millimeters, and reaches granules of 5 millimeters in size, to use such crumb for stuffing of a sports equipment, for filling of the playgrounds covered artificial with a grass and also for production of safety coverings for playgrounds more reasonably.

Well and traditional use of a crumb from old tires of a car – production of new tires. As show calculations of economists, when using such raw materials as epdm the crumb, is possible to reduce the price several times of production, and also to considerably improve ecological indicators in the region of production. It is obvious that processing of old tires in modern conditions is much more expedient than an ikhszhiganiye and other types of utilization.

EPDM  (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) — - Etilen-propilenovy rubber.

EPDM (EPDM) is synthetic rubber which has very wide scope today and is recognized as leading experts of the world as high-quality material. One of numerous areas use of EPDM granulate are coverings for open sports and playgrounds. At the same time to data material in many respects surpasses the analogs both in technical parameters, and in safety, environmental friendliness and esthetics.

  • Technical parameters. In process production rubber granulate is exposed to repeated processing which allows to guarantee high wear resistance of material. Thanks to features of the production technology EPDM rubber is applied in the wide range of temperatures. Even when using in extremely hot conditions, granules of EPDM do not flare up. Averages service life of coverings from EPDM-granulate – 10 years that undoubtedly exceeds the term of operation of other similar materials.
  • Safety and environmental friendliness. The material made of high-quality polymers is not toxic, not allergenen, does not raise dust and does not allocate in the atmosphere of harmful substances. Also it does not contain heavy metals, zinc and phthalates.
  • Beautiful appearance. Important difference of EPDM granulate from similar materials from a rubber crumb is the wide color gamut, Thanks to features of production EPDM-granules can give practically any color. And throughout all term of operation of a covering from EPDM granulate do not burn out, do not fade, do not change color.

Advantages of coverings from EPDM granules:
1) High wear resistance allows to avoid replacement of a covering throughout all term of operation.
2) Coverings are not toxic and absolutely safe for people, animals and environment, does not raise dust.
3) The standard 10 mm a covering provide high degree of protection when falling.
4) Coverings pass water, air, but interfere with growth of weeds.
5) Thanks to porous structure in a covering the mold, decay is not formed, also in a covering insects, wreckers, including termites are not got.
6) Average service life of coverings from EPDM granulate – 10 years.

Technical characteristics:
1) Content of rubber — - not less than 25%
2) Strength on a gap — - 2,5 MPas
3) Relative lengthening at a gap — - 456,3%
4) Hardness on Shora — - 56
5) Elastic deformation — - 38%
6) Relative density — - 1480kg/m3

EPDM granulate is applied to production of coverings on the basis of a rubber crumb and polyurethane binding. These coverings it is used mainly at playgrounds, and also on sports grounds. One more scope of EPDM-of granulate — - coverings with a napylyaemy top layer for track and field athletics racetracks.

Advantages of EPDM before a rubber crumb

When comparing with a standard rubber crumb, epdm the crumb has a number of advantages. Let's begin them to list, starting with her himicheskogo structure. So, contains in such crumb of natural rubber in any way not less?, what favourably distinguishes this material from a standard rubber crumb, and allows to use granule epdm even in such area as designing of sports grounds for children.

This material is made by forces of chemical productions, and for its production the natural or chemical rubbers having high degree of chemical purity are used. They do not support any unhealthy people that have with them contact, impurity. It is especially important if
to consider that coverings for children's playgrounds are made of such material.

It should be taken into account that such crumb is made with use of bright color pigments which have exclusively natural origin, do not cause an allergy, and are just visually pleasant for children. It is especially important for the organizations that are engaged in preschool education of children, with the purpose to impart them love for sports.

It should be noted that epdm of a granule are much more resistant to attrition, than than other materials. Besides, it much less noisy, due to use of natural rubber – this fact is important at its use in the enclosed space where racetracks are constructed, for example.

Considering that epdm a crumb very soft and safe, it is ideally suited for sports grounds that mean use them for active sports. For example – for volleyball or basketball courts that are in the enclosed space. Well and usability of such material does not cause any difficulties – rather simply to wash it water and to wipe with a mop that the platform became pure again.

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Rubber crumb of EPDM
Rubber crumb of EPDM
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