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Rubber compound (raw rubber)

Rubber compound (raw rubber)

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Raw rubber 7v - 14, 3826, 1347, as well as the manufacture of various types of rubber mixture (raw rubber).

Rubber compounds can be calendered and rolled. They are produced according to various standardizing documentation. They are used as part of adhesives, seals, sealants, for molds, electrical insulating materials, repair and joining of rubber goods, pressure gumming and manual lining of instrument elements, rubberizing of spool cuffs, shoe production, all kinds of gaskets, parts for the aviation, automotive, food and other industries . . . According to their technical indicators, they can be ordinary, heat - resistant or frost - resistant, resistant to the effects of acids, alkalis, gasoline, oils, and other active substances. Any products made of so - called raw rubber have elasticity, tensile strength, ability to recover from bending, and wear resistance.

You can buy crude oil and petrol resistant rolled rubber (group III) here you can buy several brands: NO - 68, 3826, 3825. Also available - 7V - 14, etc. They are used for the production of industrial rubber, including rubber - metal, products made by molding and unshaped. Parts made from this raw material can operate in air, oil, water environments, with ethyl alcohol, different types of fuel, they are used for stationary or restrictedly movable units operating under static loads.

Crude rubber compound NO - 68. The NO - 68 brand is limited to oil and petrol resistant. This is a medium - hard crude rubber with a hardness index of 55 - 70 Shore "A". The conditional strength of this material is 9.0 MPa, the operating temperature range for products from this rubber compound is - 50 - + 100 ° C. The relative elongation for NO - 68, determined by the standards of standardization, is 255% . This type of crude rubber serves as a raw material for sealing and various other rubber goods. Rubber compound NO - 68 is molded and calendered.

Rubber compounds of brands 3836 and 3825. These materials have increased oil and petrol resistance. Grade 3826 has a hardness of 60 - 75 Shore units, strength - 7.8 MPa with a relative elongation of 300% . Raw rubber 3826 can be extruded, molded and calendered. Rubber compound 3825 - harder - 80 - 90 Shore "A" and more durable - 9.8 MPa with lower elongation - 120% . For both brands - 3836 and 3825 - operating temperatures - - 30 - + 100 ° C.

Raw rubber grade 7V - 14. Crude rubber 7V - 14 is a material with an average oil and petrol resistance of increased hardness - from 70 to 85 cu. e. Shor. 7V - 14 is applicable for the manufacture of rubber products operating in different climatic conditions with temperatures of working environments not exceeding the range of - 45 - + 100 degrees Celsius. The standard defines the level of strength for this rubber - 9.8 MPa, hardness - within 70 - 80. Elongation - 160% .

More than 50 types of raw mixtures are   produced (mixture IRP 1265, 3826, 2825, 6190, 1347, 1287, 1225, 1314, 1345, 1338, 1267, NO 68, PI 52, calendered rubber, rubber for vulcanization, rubber for repairing tires and tubes (repair) and many others)  and in order to correctly select the type of rubber compound, it is necessary to determine the conditions in which the vulcanized rubber product will work, i. e. :  

  • temperature mode of operation of the vulcanized product;
  • the highest possible high and low temperature impact on the rubber part;
  • chemical aggressive substances that will constantly act on the vulcanized product;
  • reagents and environments that can act for a short time;
  • the nature of the product's work - what physical effects are on the rubber part;
  • технологические процессы изготовления резинотехнического изделия.

Обратится в компанию УКРГТВ, выбрать нужную вам смесь и купить сырую смесь вы можете прямо сейчас!

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Rubber compound (raw rubber)
Rubber compound (raw rubber)
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