Buy Roofing bituminous ROOF glue-sealant (DAP, USA) 300ml.
Roofing bituminous ROOF glue-sealant (DAP, USA) 300ml.

Roofing bituminous ROOF glue-sealant (DAP, USA) 300ml.

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandDAP
  • Country of manufactureUnited States
  • KindBituminous

Waterproof roofing sealant
DAP® Watertight Roof Sealant

Connects and pressurizes
Repairs insignificant courses of a roof
It is used on wet and dry surfaces
Does not stick within an hour

Packing: cartridge of 300 ml

Colors: black

Properties of a product

DAP® Waterproof roofing sealant high-quality sealant on a bituminous basis. Is ideally suited for small repair of course of a roof and for protection against penetration of moisture and air. Provides excellent adhesion and protection against atmospheric actions, resistance to UV radiation. Forms for long time waterproof sealing which does not burst, does not disappear and does not flow. It can be used on wet surfaces (for performance of urgent repair of roofs). Temperature stability of -40 °C — +82 °C.

Ideally for sealing of corrugated roofing materials, bituminous surfaces, flues, roofing joints and bends, eaves, pediment joints, a flat roofing tile and gutters.

It is applied to small repair of course of a roof. Has adhesion to a tree, a stone laying, fiber glass, metal, bitumen
Method of application

The surface has to be cleared of pollution and old materials. To apply at a temperature from +5 °C and above. Before application to cut off a tip under the required drawing seam width (6,5 mm), to puncture a protective foil on a cartridge and to insert a cartridge into the gun. Fill cracks and emptiness with sealant. An expense of 17 m with a width of seam of 5 mm. Sealant does not stick within one hour. Full sealing comes during from two to four weeks, depending on temperature, humidity and thickness of putting sealant. It can be painted within one hour after application. We recommend to use only high-quality oil paints. At single drawing there can be a little change of color. Double putting paint provides the best result.

Technical data
Color: Black
Smell: Asphaltic
Consistence: fluid weight
Binding material: asphalt
The evaporating substances: mineral alcohols
Pigment: inert fillers
Evaporation temperature: +38 °C
Firm rest: 86 ± 2% of weight
Density: 1,62 g/cm3
Use at a temperature: from +5 °C
Operation temperature: -40 °C — +82 °C
Period of storage one year at least at a temperature: +22 °C
Expense: 17 meters at a thickness of seam of 4,7 mm
Packing: 300 ml cartridge
Certificate of safety of material: (MSDS) No. 10004


Not stiffened glue: at once to wipe the remains the pure fabric moistened with mineral alcohol (for example white spirit or toluene), the stiffened glue: to eliminate mechanically.

To perform works in well aired rooms using individual means of protection! At hit on skin or eyes to wash out a large amount of water and to see a doctor! To store far from fire! To store in the place, inaccessible for children

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Roofing bituminous ROOF glue-sealant (DAP, USA) 300ml.
Roofing bituminous ROOF glue-sealant (DAP, USA) 300ml.
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