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Roof design The outdoor advertizing is an effective way of advance of goods and services. This type of media has a set of advantages in comparison with other types of advertizing:

Variety. The outdoor advertizing allows to choose optimum type, a format and concrete objects for placement of the advertizing message: billboards, citylayta, trolls, painted walls, beklayta, superwebsites, other types of designs. Simplicity of perception. "Outdoor advertizing" is not the irritating factor for most of people who see it every day and already got used to it. Audience. Number and players of audience is constantly changed that allows to cover the most various audience and to carry out really working campaigns. Cost. Placement of outdoor advertizing costs many times cheaper, than advertizing on TV, in print media and on the Internet. For comparison - cost thousands of viewings of the message of outdoor advertizing make 3,6 UAH, the same number of viewings of advertizing on TV - 9,3 UAH, in print media - 49,8 UAH, on the Internet - 7 UAH (* according to AMM/Vizeum Ukraine). Constancy. Such type of advertizing cannot be switched off, erased or closed. Measurability. Indicators of coverage of audience are based on measurements of flows of pedestrians and a car. Visibility. This type of advertizing is attractive to audience thanks to the big sizes of designs and original plots. Quality. Investments are constantly made in improvement of quality of advertizing media, illuminations, etc. Efficiency. The most successful advertisers use such type of advertizing. At more detailed comparison of "outdoor advertizing" with other types of advertizing its pluses become obvious fully:
The outdoor advertizing is available. For this purpose, to apprehend it, it is necessary to look out only in a window or to go outside, for perception of advertizing in printing mass media or on TV, it is necessary to buy the magazine/newspaper or to turn on the TV. Covers wide audience while in the press, on radio or TV has mainly narrower focus. Geographical targeting of audience is available only when using "outdoor advertizing". Practically there is always a possibility of placement of outdoor advertizing near the advertized object. On TV or in the press such targeting is almost impossible. It is not subject to management of the consumer - he cannot switch off or move away her, and or in the press the consumer can not perceive advertizing on TV at own will.
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Roof design
Roof design
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