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RF lifting (Radio wave lifting)

RF lifting (Radio wave lifting)

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Radio wave lifting influences deep layers of skin by means of waves of high-frequency electricity, forcing it to work in the emergency mode: it synthesizes fibroblasta more actively, and also produces more elastin and collagen. It not only probably improves structure of skin, but also promotes increase of its elasticity, and also smoothing of a small setochka of wrinkles after application of the first procedures.

Radio wave lifting is safe procedure. The strengthened production of elastinovy and collagenic fibers restores normal turgor of skin and corrects a face form. The visible lifting effect comes after the first procedure and over time only amplifies, due to active formation of new fibers of elastin and collagen. Popularity of radio wave lifting is connected with the long rejuvenating effect which remains within one and a half-two and a half years. Improvements after application of radio wave lifting in a neck and a decollete are especially noticeable, at correction of a face form. Even such "difficult" sites of the person as a zone around eyes, nosogubny folds which it is often impossible to influence fully by usual cosmetology methods considerably rejuvenate: deep wrinkles decrease, and the majority of small wrinkles are smoothed. Radio wave lifting helps to eliminate age sagging of fabrics and ptoz. Considerably the skin relief improves, pores are narrowed, appearance of skin also improves to the best.

Except the considerable rejuvenating effect, radio wave lifting helps to form a figure and to improve a condition of skin of a body, with success is applied to treatment of extensions, and its application is completely compatible to other techniques of impact on skin.

Contraindications to carrying out procedure of radio wave lifting are

- pregnancy, lactation,

- presence at the person of a pacemaker,

- defeats of integrity of an integument, especially fresh wounds or hems,

- sharp inflammatory diseases of skin,

- reinforcing by gold threads,

- existence of new growths in the place of influence.

Termazh (Thermage), or thermolifting – innovative technology of rejuvenation by means of radio wave tightening of collagenic fibers and stimulation of production of collagen of skin.


- improvement (restoration) of a face contour,

- acne and post-acne,

- lifting of face skin, restoration of elasticity and elasticity,

- reduction of a nosogubny fold, lifting

- fight against cellulitis and excess weight.

Thanks to the advantages (not invasiveness, painlessness, safety) in combination with qualitatively new efficiency radio wave thermolifting (termazh) became the real revolution in modern cosmetology and today is recognized as the most effective non-invasive way of elimination of signs of withering of skin. Radio wave lifting allows to look much younger, is the safe and sparing procedure.


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RF lifting (Radio wave lifting)
RF lifting (Radio wave lifting)
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