Buy Retsirkulyator UF-bakteritsidny two-lamp RB-07-Ya-FP.
Retsirkulyator UF-bakteritsidny two-lamp RB-07-Ya-FP.

Retsirkulyator UF-bakteritsidny two-lamp RB-07-Ya-FP.

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Retsirkulyator UF - bakteritsidny two - lamp with compulsory circulation of an air stream for disinfecting of air of rooms in the presence of people of RB - 07 - of "Ya - FP".

Retsirkulyator is intended for disinfecting of air of rooms of the II - V categories up to 50 CBM in treatment - and - prophylactic establishments at presence and absence of people by means of disinfecting of an air stream in the course of its compulsory circulation via the case in which two bactericidal lamps of low pressure of PHILIPS TUV 15 W LL are placed:
in the presence of people:
in rooms of the II - V categories for prevention of increase of level of a microbic obsemenennost of air (especially in cases of a high risk of distribution of the diseases which are transmitted in the airborne and air way).
in absence of people
in rooms of the II - III categories for decrease in a microbic obsemenennost of air (as a final link in a complex of sanitary and hygienic actions).
Retsirkulyator provides readiness for operation of premises of MPI according to the norms and requirements regulated by bodies of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate of MZ Russian Federation.
Retsirkulyator place II, III, IV and V categories in rooms.
Retsirkulyator works from the alternating current main with tension (220 + / - 22) In, with a frequency of 50 Hz.
The power consumed by a retsirkulyator from the alternating current main, no more than 200 VA.
Obluchennost from the UF - radiation source at distance of 5 cm on wavelength in the range (220 - 280) nanometers not less than 50 W/sq. m. The UF - radiation source - two bactericidal mercury bezozonovy lamps of low pressure of TUV PHILIPS firm with a power of 15W.
The special glass which is possessing high coefficient of a transmission of bactericidal ultraviolet rays, and at the same time absorbing radiation is applied to production of lamps of PHILIPS - TUV 200 nanometers forming ozone of air are lower. Thanks to it extremely small ozone forming (within maximum concentration limit) which disappears completely approximately in 100 business hours of a lamp is fixed. (Data from technical recommendations about application of bactericidal lamps of PHILIPS firm). Average service life of lamps at the correct operation and leaving not less than 8000 hours.
Time of continuous work of a retsirkulyator no more than 7 days. The break between inclusions is not regulated.
Retsirkulyator exit time for an operating mode has to be no more than 1 min.
On electrical safety the retsirkulyator conforms to requirements of GOST 12.2.025 and 1 type N is executed on a protection class.
Overall dimensions of a retsirkulyator of 740х160х100 mm.
The mass of a retsirkulyator is 4.2 kg.
Average time between failures not less than 1500 hours.
Average service life not less than 5 years.
External surfaces of a retsirkulyator are made of the metal covered with powder paint and shock - resistant, chemically resistant polycarbonate and allow disinfection in way of wiping by the disinfectants registered and allowed in the Russian Federation for disinfection of surfaces on the modes regulated by the existing documents on application of disinfectants approved in accordance with the established procedure.

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Retsirkulyator UF-bakteritsidny two-lamp RB-07-Ya-FP.
Retsirkulyator UF-bakteritsidny two-lamp RB-07-Ya-FP.
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