Order Restoration of shock-absorbers
Restoration of shock-absorbers

Restoration of shock-absorbers

25 UAH

High-quality and fast repair of engines:

Repair CBH (cylinder block head)

Flat polishing
Prirezka of a saddle facet
Prirezka of a valve facet
Testing for tightness
Restoration of a glass of a nozzle
Replacement of the directing plugs of valves
Milling of a seat of nozzles
Replacement of saddles of valves
Replacement forkamer

Repair of the block of cylinders

Replacement of sleeves of the block of cylinders
Polishing on the plane of the block of cylinders
Replacement of plugs of a cam-shaft
Restoration of beds of the crankshaft
Boring of the block of cylinders

Repair of a cranked shaft

Polishing of the crankshaft
Balancing of the crankshaft
Rikhtovka of the crankshaft
Cleaning of oil crankshafts
Replacement of plugs of rods

Repair of a running gear of the car

Diagnostics of a running gear of the car
Replacement of blocks (brake slips)
Replacement of brake disks (drums)
Replacement of shkvorny
Replacement of steering tips and drafts
Convergence of wheels
Replacement of springs
Replacement of shock-absorbers
Replacement of pneumosprings (suspension bracket pillows)
Replacement of saylenblok of beam, longitudinal, cross, jet drafts
Replacement of bearings of a nave
Replacement of wheel hairpins
Repair of hoses of a high pressure
Repair of the coupling device of tractors and trailers
Repair of autonomous heaters
Repair of a pneumatic system
Replacement of energoakkumulyator and brake chambers
Repair of hydraulic cylinders

Repair of the fuel equipment

With/at fuel pumps
With/at nozzles of TDI and CDI, the pump of nozzles
Repair of nozzles of all types
Repair of fuel pumps of a high pressure of CP 3/4
Diagnostics of TNVD (bench check)
Restoration of plunger couples
Repair of pump stations

Repair of the check point

Diagnostics (divider of halves) of a check point pneumatic system
Coupling replacement
Repair of the check point
Repair of the coulisse
Replacement of the pneumohydraulic booster
Repair of a reducer of the leading bridge
Adjustment of a reducer
With/at a reducer
Repair of differential

With / Wu Yi repair

Hydraulic pumps
Pumps of cooling liquid
Fuel pumps
Autonomous heaters

The cost of works is coordinated previously, depends on terms of performance, the used accessories and spare parts

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Restoration of shock-absorbers
Restoration of shock-absorbers
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