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Repair of steering racks

Repair of steering racks

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Repair of a steering rack

For ensuring high-quality repair of a steering rack it is necessary to perform the following operations:
Stage first: the shaft is processed on the grinder, corrosion traces clean up.
Stage second: the surface is increased by soft babbit
Stage third: the surface is processed by solid chrome with the subsequent polishing.

As a result of these operations the nominal size of a shaft and high purity of a surface is reached.

Often not to make repair of a steering rack, observe the following recommendations:
You watch a condition of protective boots.
Warming up the motor, during the winter period of time, do not turn out instantly a wheel. For a warming up of oil of system of the power steering (pump GUR) scroll a wheel the small movements.
Try not to hold a wheel in extreme situation more than five seconds. Do not load the motor in such situation - it results in wear, increase of load of components of a steering rack and a steering reducer, and also breakdown of sealants of the pump GUR.
Personally control all actions on HUNDRED which somehow mention steering elements. As quite often masters work dirty hands, and at adjustment of disorder convergence weaken a collar of a boot and forget to tighten it. Sand and dirt for couple of days can spoil a steering rack and the pump GUR.
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Repair of steering racks
Repair of steering racks
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