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Toilet cabin of MOBILE (TKM) intended for observance of the standard health regulations on construction, and even when carrying out holidays, festivals, championships.

  • Toilet - a cabin mobile is developed and designed by the best specialists of firm Ukrkhimplast. The mobile toilet cabin is equipped with an accumulative tank the size 250l that more than 500 visits are considered an optimal variant with a guarantee.

From the majority of other cabins – in a design of our cabin the plastic pallet, but not wood is provided in difference. It promotes extension of term of operation and convenience when carrying out sanitary processing: cabins do not involve annoying smells and water, the ferry can be processed, cabins are steady against deformation eventually.

  • The system of ventilation of a toilet cabin is arranged so that does not allow to be late to hated and harmful volatiles in a cabin. The toilet cabin does not need lighting installation. At the expense of the snow-white roof possessing quite good transparency there is enough natural light in the afternoon, and it is enough to place a cabin near street lighting in evening and night time.

Toilet cabins are made of the strong German cellophane resistant to sharp differences of temperatures from – 40 ° C to +60os. Special additives in cellophane do cabins steady against influence of solar ultraviolet rays. Toilet cabins have small weight and are just transported.

  • • Cabin sizes: 1100 x 1100 x 2400 mm (D x Sh x V)
  • • Tank volume: 250 l
  • • Cabin weight: 80 kg

Complete set:

  • • wash basin
  • • sink
  • • bondholder
  • • a hook for clothes and bags
  • • a latch with the It Is Free/is Busy indicator
  • • the lock with a key and an internal latch
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Rent of the Dry close
Rent of the Dry close
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