Buy Regulator of pressure Honeywell D04FS-1/2 A
Regulator of pressure Honeywell D04FS-1/2 A

Regulator of pressure Honeywell D04FS-1/2 A

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandHoneywell
  • Country of manufactureGermany

Regulator of pressure Honeywell D04FS-1/2 A

Country: Germany
Guarantee 1 year

The reducing valve (the pressure decline valve) Honeywell D04FS-1/2 "And protect the equipment from excessive pressure in system of water supply.

Technical characteristics:
• Use for cold water
• Productivity: 2,7 m3/h
• Connecting Ri size: 1/2"
• Connecting Ra size: 3/4"
• Nominal size (diameter) of DN: 15
• Maximum water temperature: 70 °C
• The maximum pressure on an entrance: 16 bars
• Range of adjustment of output pressure: 1,5-6 bars
• Valve material: the brass nickelized

By means of the valve with pressure decline it is also possible to support the constant level of the established pressure at the exit, even in the presence of jumps of entrance pressure. Maintenance of output pressure at the constant level minimizes water flow noise. Installation of such valve allows to avoid the damages caused by excessive pressure and to reduce a water consumption.

The valve of pressure decline D04FS is the simplest and available device in a line of reducing Honeywell-Braukmann valves. Simplicity of a design, nevertheless, does not prevent it to provide output pressure in the set limits. On the case the landing nest for connection of the manometer by means of which it is possible to trace pressure at the exit is provided. The regulating spring of the valve has no contact with water. Pressure differences on an entrance do not influence pressure level at the exit.

The Honeywell D04FS-1/2 valve "And works by the principle of equalizing of efforts. The effort of a diaphragm is directed against force of straightening of a spring. If inlet pressure, and together with it a diaphragm, decreases as a result of a water intake, then the bigger pressure of a spring causes opening of the valve. Outlet pressure increases until efforts of a diaphragm and a spring are not balanced again. Pressure jumps on an entrance do not exert impact on pressure established at the exit.

Design of the Honeywell D04FS-1/2 valve "And:
· the case with a female and external thread and a carving opening for the manometer at the exit;
· a valve insert with a diaphragm;
· adjusting spring;
· adjusting flywheel. Main characteristics
Use for cold water

· Ri: 1/2"
· Ra: 3/4"
· L: 84 mm
· h: 82,7 mm
· H: 106

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Regulator of pressure Honeywell D04FS-1/2 A
Regulator of pressure Honeywell D04FS-1/2 A
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