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Refrigerating show-window Tair VKHS-UV

Refrigerating show-window Tair VKHS-UV

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandМорозилка
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
Refrigerating show-window Tair VKHS-UV


Holodilna show-window Tair VKHS-UV corner internal

The refrigerating medium temperature angular show-windows of brand which are let out "Marikholodmash " Tair (external and internal angular modules 90 °) served by the seller are intended for demonstration and sale of previously cooled foodstuff and allow to make of brand show-windows Tair lines of a special configuration with turns.

Structurally represents refrigerating show-windows:
Tair VKHS-UV-an internal corner 90 ° -
Tair VKHS-UN-external corner 90 °. 

Freezers (the internal cooled volume) of show-windows provide storage of products in the range of temperatures from 0 to + 7C, at a temperature of air from 12 to 35 °C and relative humidity from 80 to 50% respectively. The rated voltage of a power line 220B (~ 50 Hz), a current sort – variable, single-phase.
Show-windows have the built-in holodoobespecheniye. As coolant ozone-safe R134a freon, and in coordination with the customer - R404A is used. 

Cooling of show-windows Tair VKHS-UV-static, Tair VKHS-UN-dynamic, thawing of the evaporator is made automatically by means of natural heatinflows, there is a bathtub for discharge of thawed snow after an ottayka
Tselnozalivna the box, a table-top and sidewalls have polyurethane foam thermal insulation. The box is made of the galvanized steel covered with polyester enamel and a protective film, sidewalls - from shock-resistant ABS plastic. The top shelf (the lamp with a luminescent lamp), pallets for the calculation of products and a desktop (table-top) are made of stainless steel. The materials contacting to foodstuff and Wednesdays have permission to use of sanitary bodies of the Ministry of Health.

Refrigerating show-windows are equipped with bent frontal glasses, blinds from plexiglas, the show-window Tair VKHS-UV has the cooled closed volume (store room) for short-term storage of a commodity stock. Execution of all show-windows on legs, with front panels (guards) decorating the lower part. 

The trade refrigerating appliances have the electronic control unit "Evco " (Italy) with indication of temperature and the mode of automatic thawing, the Aspera or Tecumseh compressors, ELCO fans which ensure trouble-free and unostentatious operation of products. For service Schröder's valve is installed.

Depth of the frontal calculation of goods (loading width) of 645 mm.

The refrigerating appliances are packed into a wooden transport container that increases safety of show-windows in transit and storage.


Characteristic Value
Name Refrigerating show-window Tair VKHS-UV
Ambient temperature +12 … +35
The cooled area of pallets and shelves for the calculation of products 0,6
Existence of a store room Is
Cooling type Static
Way of thawing natures. heatinflows
Thawing power -
Heating of a windshield No
Tension 220
Rated current, A 3,3
Rated power of lamps, W 12
Dimensions unpacked (DKHGKHV) 1180х1180х1185
Dimensions in packing (DKHGKHV) 1950х1250х1120
Net, no more than a kg 155
Gross, no more than a kg 320


Characteristic Value
Holodoobespecheniye Built-in
Name Refrigerating show-window Tair VKHS-UV
Code of plant 4.322.060-10
Brand Tair
Calculation depth 645 mm
Sizes (DKHGKHV), mm 1180х1180х1185
Area of the calculation (sq.m) 0,6
Net volume of the calculation (m) 0,2
Temperature condition (C °) 0 … +7
Electricity consumption in days (kW) 6,5
Compressor Danfoss
Controller Carel, Evco, Danfoss
RAL 5002 RAL 3020 RAL 9016 RAL 1003 RAL 6029



The main
The producer - MXM
Country producer Russia
Sphere of use HoReCa - - Trade shops -
Type of the equipment The refrigerating / cooled show-window -
Functional purpose - For demonstration and sale of goods
The maximum working temperature - 7.0 (hail.)
The minimum working temperature - 0.0 (hail.)
Installation type Floor
Cooling type With natural circulation of cold air
Warranty period - 12 (months)
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Refrigerating show-window Tair VKHS-UV
Refrigerating show-window Tair VKHS-UV
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