Buy Real Powerman 5000 cream for increase in a penis
Real Powerman 5000 cream for increase in a penis

Real Powerman 5000 cream for increase in a penis

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* the Leader in the market of means for growth of a penis and increase in duration of sexual intercourse

  Natural cream for male power  
  • Result in only one month!
  • Increase in the first time up to 30 minutes
  • One drawing a day suffices!
  • Lasting effect
  • 100% natural components

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If you want:

  • To prolong sexual intercourse up to 30-40 minutes!
  • To be self-assured and to satisfy any woman for 100%!
  • To receive the guaranteed result!

yields 100% result:

  • Trietanolamine - increases duration of sexual intercourse, slowing down approach of an ejaculation
  • The hydrolyzate of proteins and amino acids – promote growth and strengthening of tissues of penis
  • Elastin ― a collagenic complex – is improved by elasticity and sensitivity of a penis


3kh multiple endurance
in a bed *

To 1800 frictions to
achievements of an orgasm
(instead of 120)

Increase in a penis in
to length and in the diameter

Resistant and the strongest
erection in responsible

Longer and bright
* duration of the first sexual intercourse is up to 30-40 minutes, the subsequent ― till 4-5 o'clock!


1-2 week:
The erection becomes longer and is firmer, sensitivity of a penis increases twice. Duration of the first sexual intercourse increases up to 5-7 minutes

2-3 week:
Your member is much MORE, the form becomes anatomic correct. Duration of sexual intercourse increases up to 1000%!

4 weeks and more: 
Duration of the first sexual intercourse after 2kh-day abstention – increases up to 20-30 minutes! Several times quality of sex increases. The orgasm lasts to 5-7


Efficiency is confirmed with clinical tests


For any man duration of sexual intercourse is an important indicator, allowing to satisfy the woman therefore desire of many to increase time of sexual intercourse is quite justified. 

Are developed with the assistance of doctors-seksopatologaov cream for increase in the member

"POWERMAN 5000" ― the unique for today alternative to surgical intervention, and, in difference from exercise machines and tablets, yields the guaranteed result.

By means of cream you will forever achieve significant increase in time of sexual intercourse and the size of a penis that directly will be reflected in your sexual life: you will derive unearthly pleasure from contact with women and to give them powerful and long orgasms.

With POWERMAN 5000 you will always be in the mode of full combat readiness! 

Customer reviews about POWERMAN 5000

Andrey, 27

Earlier I thought that 15,5 cm ― are the size, quite normal for the man, in any case from girls of complaints did not arrive. Of course sex not always was fabulous, and, happened, after the first time my communication with the partner came to an end.

I came across cream "powerman 5000" on the Internet, and thought why not to throw to myself with couple of centimeters for fidelity.

In 1,5 months of daily application I added about 3,2 cm, at the same time the member became much thicker and firmer. Its slightly bent form changed and became straight too. The result impressed me.

As for feelings ― then quality of sex changed so that it seems to me really I lost virginity just now.

I can quietly sustain three marathons in a night. Orgasms became such powerful, sometimes even spasms cramps legs! I relish it is unreal. What to tell about girls, those just roar from pleasure which I to them give to the nearly 20 the centimetric unit!


Nikita, 32

What is really big dick to me it was known only from a porn of movies. Mine in wild spirits hardly held on to 12 cm. The wife never brought up this question, but on her reaction during sex I understood that I do not give it absolute pleasure, and it began to affect our family life negatively. Besides, my 3 minutes for the first time created the real problem.

In due time I tried everything that offered the Internet on inquiry "increase in the member in house conditions". Various tablets, vacuum a pomp – it was notable for my salary, at the same time the effect was not just zero ― the next marketing deception just entered me into despair.

The wife decided to order powerlife cream, I, in turn, did not hope for a miracle, but in 2 weeks of regular application saw changes ― the member was extended on 1 cm. Sensitivity became just enormous both the erection is much stronger, and the main thing duration of sexual intercourse increased up to 15 minutes!!! By fourth week the gain was already 2,8 cm, and I, at last, achieved the desirable objectives – I have a normal size, and now I can satisfy the wife on - full several times in a night! I not just increased a penis ― my life really changed!


Yaroslav, 25

My first time was not from pleasant. The partner was much more skilled than me in respect of intim, and having for the first time seen my member, she discontentedly bit: "well, fairy tales for the night it is possible not to wait today...". Of course, after such statement at me did not even rise.

Later few years I ripened for surgical increase, but the result disappointed me ― I passed seven circles of hell to add some pathetic one and a half centimeters!

I incidentally came across the increasing powerlife cream on the Internet and decided to order. In a month to the doctor on the next survey I came already with a trunk to 3,9 cm more, and is much more fat, than before operation! The doctor slightly did not lose an eye from surprise...

Now I am completely liberated and self-assured, without ceremony I can drag any in a bed. At one type of my member of the girl fall into ecstasy, I think, they guess that I can make with them!

In other words, your penis will be able to increase in one and a half, and even twice,
and blood circulation improvement many times will strengthen your erection.

Why women choose men with a big dick?

  • The big dick brings pleasure from the first penetration
  • The big penis opens access to any pose
  • Only the long member will provide really deep penetration into a vagina
  • Only the long penis will be able to reach a uterus neck and to present a uterine orgasm
  • The penis is longer and wider, the area contact with a vagina is more, and the feelings are brighter
  • The big penis attracts attention of the woman and causes desire to feel it inside
  • Only the big and thick penis with a good erection is associated at women with aggression, power, force and male energy
  • Your big dick will become a popular subject of discussion of your partners with their girlfriends


Still you think that the size is not important?

Increase in the member from 4kh centimeters without harm for health!

Today the market is crowded with various techniques and various ways of increase in the member... Tablets, ex-tenders, a pomp, but whether really efficiency of medicines is so high?!

Tablets. The producer guarantees to 100% increase by 5 cm in a month, without harm for health and side effects.

The active this chemical making tablets intensifying aggressive inflow of blood to a penis. It leads to a long erection, stretches erectile tissue of the member, increasing thereby length and width of a penis.

But does not promote increase in the size in the long term. And only harmful influences on pressure of blood vessels that at worst leads to a rupture of bodies.

Ex-tenders, vacuum pomp. As practice shows, they are extremely inconvenient in application and, moreover, are hazardous to health. It is enough to look at the image that it became obvious:

Actually not all methods are so harmful. Time of safe and reliable methods came.

Powerman ― this guaranteed increase in the member
on 5 cm a month.

It is cream which does not cause any side effects, is not an initiator of allergic reactions, and also Powerman does not cause accustoming, and the main - result which you achieved after application, remains in you forever.

It is applied with the massage movements on an eregirovanny penis. The special enzymes which are a part of cream well influence penis tissues which harmlessly stretch, and with them and cameras of a kavernozny body of a penis, as promotes real increase as well as in length and in a grasp.

You receive the actual growth of a penis after physical intervention in the form of massage with Powerman 5000 cream, and as a result to receive + 5 cm to length of the member. For the best effect ― you apply cream for half an hour before sexual intercourse. It will give additional stimulation for growth.


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Real Powerman 5000 cream for increase in a penis
Real Powerman 5000 cream for increase in a penis
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