Buy Reagents for RIKS water processing, Kotlovik
Reagents for RIKS water processing, Kotlovik

Reagents for RIKS water processing, Kotlovik

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"RIKS" - reagent for water reverse cooling systems and power systems

Advantages of RIKS reagent.

- Prevents corrosion and formation of a carbonate scum.

- Effectively protects from corrosion the equipment and pipelines manufactured from the alloyed and not alloyed steel, brass and copper at intensive aeration of water due to creation of a protective film on a metal surface.

- Prevents formation of a carbonate scum at high temperatures (to 100 ° C) and does not demand additional acid washings.

- Has the dispersing effect on adjournment of the phosphates, iron and other metals inclined to formation of the sticking oxides.

- It is effective at protection against corrosion of black and stainless steel, brass and copper in water at temperatures up to 100 ° C.

- Resistant to effect of chlorine.

MEANS of "KOTLOVIK" for systems of heating.

It is intended for prevention of formation of salt deposits on a surface of heating elements, pipelines and protection them from corrosion.

When heating in a copper, a boiler, a water heater, the salts of calcium and magnesium (so-called salts of rigidity) dissolved in water crystallize on surfaces of heating elements, forming firm deposits - a scum.

The layer of scale interferes with heat exchange - it works as good thermal insulation. Its thickness constantly grows therefore for heating we spend more and more fuel (gas, the electric power, etc.). It is at the same time warmly taken away from a heating element worse and worse, it overheats and fails.

We propose the reliable and checked solution - protivonakipny means of "KOTLOVIK".

Means promotes water softening, prevents scaling and corrosion, increases the term of operation of heating system.

Within the first 2 months about 95 old deposits usually are removed. Further means will interfere with formation of new deposits. Pipes are protected also from internal corrosion.

Structure: a kompleksoobrazovatel, the softening additive, anticorrosive additive.

Instructions on application:

1 l of means to add to 400-600 liters when filling a water contour.

"KOTLOVIK" effectively works in the wide temperature range when using in various heating systems. At losses of water in system (a rush, repair, replacement, etc.) for maintenance of protective properties of the heat carrier it is necessary to enter into the added water composition of "KOTLOVIK" in number of 100 g on 40-60 liters of the added water.

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Reagents for RIKS water processing, Kotlovik
Reagents for RIKS water processing, Kotlovik
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