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Radio-frequency defroster

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Advantages of RCh and the microwave oven of defrosting with other methods of defrosting of meat

The main advantages of RCh and the microwave oven of defrosting in comparison with other ways of defrosting are caused by electrophysical properties of water solutions in the range of RCh and the microwave oven. The mechanism of defrosting is based on dielectric heating - a method of heating of dielectric materials in the electromagnetic field at which electromagnetic energy will be transformed to thermal energy. Dielectric heating provides fast and uniform transfer of heat on all volume of the defrozen raw materials.

- Need for small floor spaces: RCh the defroster with the occupied space of 15 x 2,5 m defreezes 5000 kg of block meat from -18 °C to -3 °C

- Fast payback period of the equipment

- The reduced production costs

RCh and the microwave oven defroster differ among themselves with frequencies at which they work: RCh - 27 MHz, the microwave oven - 915 MHz. It defines both constructional distinctions of two types of defroster, and some differences in the end result of defrosting. The main advantages which the Russian Federation defrosting has in relation to the defrosting microwave oven:

- an opportunity to defreeze larger blocks due to deeper penetration of RCh of radiation in comparison with the microwave oven radiation;

- the best uniformity of distribution of heat on volume, lack of distinction of temperature on a surface of raw materials and in its middle

Characteristics of RCh of defroster of Stalam

Designs from AISI 304/316 stainless steel

The wide conveyor from polyethylene, open for convenient cleaning

The integrated system of cleaning of the conveyor

The controller with a possibility of control of defrosting of blocks, different in the size, from various raw materials.

Modular design. Power of modules is from 10 to 105 kW.

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Radio-frequency defroster
Radio-frequency defroster
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