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Pump station Pedrollo PKm60

Pump station Pedrollo PKm60

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureItaly
  • Type of pumpScrew

Pump station Pedrollo PKm60
Description of the Pump
Principle of work
The RK series includes VORTEX ELECTRIC PUMPS which name is connected with the fact that on the periphery of their driving wheel there is a large number of the radial shovels transferring energy of the pumped-up liquid. The special profile of shovels provides radial recirculation of the liquid coming to the pump between shovels of the driving wheel and the double channel located on its both parties. As each of numerous shovels participates in transmission of energy, liquid pressure gradually increases in process of its transition from soaking up to a delivery branch pipe; thereby uniformity of a stream and lack of pulsations, and on the other hand - a high pressure and the steepness of characteristics of working curves is provided, on the one hand. At rather simple design pumps of the RK series are distinguished by especially carefully executed machining allowing to avoid decrease in indicators of performance data. PEDROLLO S.P.A firm. working at the market of vortex electric pumps since 1975, saved up an extensive experience in the field of optimal constructive solutions and technologies. This experience supplemented by the efforts directed to full automation of productions provides to firm world leadership in this branch. The scope and installation Pumps of this series are recommended for pumping of clear water without existence of abrasive particles and chemically nonaggressive liquids. Thanks to their reliability, simplicity in operation and profitability, these pumps found the application first of all in life, in particular, for automatic water supply together with small tanks - automatic units of maintenance of pressure, for an irrigation of kitchen gardens and gardens, for compensation of insufficient pressure in a water supply system. Installation of the pump has to be made in the enclosed space or in the places protected from atmospheric action. Constructive characteristics the PUMP HOUSING from cast iron, is supplied soaking up and delivery with branch pipes with a pipe carving of gas UNI ISO 228-1. The pump SUPPORT from aluminum with the brass (patented) insert reduces the loading which arose at start because of possible blocking of the driving wheel when the pump does not function the long period. The DRIVING WHEEL FROM BRASS, with peripheral radial shovels, shaking on a shaft. The LEADING SHAFT from AISI 316 stainless steel (AISI 416 to 0.75 kW). MECHANICAL CONSOLIDATION from ceramics and graphite. ELECTRIC MOTOR: pumps are directly connected to the PEDROLLO electric motor of the corresponding power; the engine is asynchronous, highly productive, silent, the closed type with external ventilation, the constructive type "IM D3", suitable for continuous work. A class of isolation of F (In to 0.75 kW). The built-in thermoprotection device (the emergency switch) is provided in single-phase engines. Three-phase engines have to be supplied with the corresponding external emergency switch which connection is carried out according to the existing standards. DEGREE OF PROTECTION of IP 44 and EXECUTION AND SAFETY RULES according to the EN 60034-1 (IEC 31-1, CEI 2-3) EN60 335-1 standards (IEC 335-1, CEI 61-150). The REGISTERED MODEL

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Pump station Pedrollo PKm60
Pump station Pedrollo PKm60
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