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Pump samovsasyvayushchy SM

Pump samovsasyvayushchy SM

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Ukraine, Dnipro
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandHydro-Vacuum
  • Country of manufacturePoland

The self - soaking - up SM pumps serve for pumping of liquids within corrosion resistance of the materials applied in their design, containing not abrasive firm particles up to 0,5 mm in size in small amounts. Advantage of the pumps SM – ability of automatic removal of air from the soaking - up pipeline after preliminary single filling by their pumped - over liquid, without the need for filling of the soaking - up wire.
SM pumps find application in:

  • industries,
  • water supply from the well or from natural or artificial reservoirs,
  • use of rain waters,
  • to watering of gardens,
  • to wash of cars,
  • to work in home water automatic machines (gidrofor).

Technical dannyee

productivity 0,3 ÷ 4,5 m3/h
rise height to 72 m
temperature of the pumped - over liquid to 70 oC
liquid density to 1000 kg/m3
viscosity of liquid to 10 mm2 / with
weight 6,4 ÷ 27,0 kg
engine capacity 0,37 ÷ 1,5 kW
rotation speed 1450 rpm (50 Hz) and 1800 rpm (60 Hz)
direction of rotation in the direction of an hour hand, taking a detached view of the pump of the drive
consolidation of a shaft  end - face seal A1 type

Specifications with division on separate types

Kind of the pump Tipovelichina Standard sizes,
number of steps
Q [m3/h]
Rise height
H [m]
SM 1 02, 03 1,5 ÷ 2,1 17,2 ÷ 33,3
2 01, 02, 03, 04 0,3 ÷ 2,1 7,1 ÷ 48,5
3 02 1,0 ÷ 3,0 20,0 ÷ 72,0
4 02 2,5 ÷ 4,5 16,0 ÷ 51,0

Structure of marking of a product

0 2
1 1 0 0
0 0 2
a a
with with
e1 e2 e3 e4
i i i
a - classification group
f - product sort (M ― monoblock)
b - tipovelichina of the pump (1 ÷ 4)
with with - standard size (number of steps) of the pump (02 ÷ 04)
d - execution of the pump on materials according to the EXECUTION ON MATERIAL point
e1 e2 e3 e4 - constructional execution of the pump according to point CONSTRUCTIONAL EXECUTION
h - completeness of deliveries according to the COMPLETENESS of DELIVERIES point
i i i - engine type
k - product cosmetics according to the COSMETICS point (sheetings)

The materials applied in the pumps SM

The pumps SM are made in one executions on materials

Parts of the pump Execution on the materials "d=1"
Cases gray cast iron
Links gray cast iron
Rotors olovyanis - thawing bronze
Shaft stainless steel
Payments. shaft mechanical

Design execution

No. of constructional execution
e1 e2 e3 e4
Name of constructional execution SM pump
1 2 3 4
1100 The pump with an odinar. tortsovy uplotn. the A1 type for zhidk. temp. - 30oC ÷ + 70oC
1150 The pump with an odinar. tortsovy uplotn. the A1 type for zhidk. temp. - 30oC ÷ + 70oC ― the hydrophore pump  
1170 The pump with an odinar. tortsovy uplotn. type 2100 for zhidk. temp. - 30oC ÷ + 70oC
1180 The pump with an odinar. tortsovy uplotn. type 2100 for zhidk. temp. - 30oC ÷ + 70oC ― the hydrophore pump  

Completeness of deliveries

4 ― Monoblock
6 ― the Monoblock the pump with the basis (the pump SM.1 concerns).

Product covering

1. Standard
2. Special


The bladed, circulation self - soaking - up pulsers with roundabout SM channel represent a compact design with the flange engine, on paws with the extended end of a shaft of the engine executed from the corrosion - resistant alloyed steel. Rotors of the pump are established on the extended end of a shaft of the engine, and their situation is limited by side surfaces of links. On a shaft the mechanical face consolidation which is not demanding service which ensures functioning without leaks is installed in the soaking - up case.


  • the guaranteed long - term trouble - free operation and easy access to spare parts,
  • execution of individual requirements and reduction of products in compliance with needs of clients,
  • constant technical surveillance and guarantee and post warranty service,
  • low cost of purchase and operation,
  • high survivability in difficult service conditions.
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Pump samovsasyvayushchy SM
Pump samovsasyvayushchy SM
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