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Protective films are irreplaceable where there is a direct threat:

- influences of explosions. The term "influences" includes the thermal wave arising at explosion of usual explosives, the dangerous pressure of strong air streams and effects which are caused by splinters;

- violent penetration. Here any attempts to get access to the room violent means (axes and hammers, pipes, steel rods, etc.) belong. Even the burst glass on which the film is established keeps in a frame and is capable to detain malefactors as practice shows, for 20-30 minutes, giving the chance to react to an alarm signal. Depending on type of the established film you will be able to give to glasses of show-windows and windows shock-proof properties on protection classes: SU-1, SU-2, SU-3. These compositions are accepted under protection of Private Security by Departments.

- fires. In a combination with glass the film reacts to fire like the glass reinforced by a wire namely - than glass without film counteracts fire longer. At installation of a protective film fire resistance of a design with a limit to 0,25 increases by glass; 0,5; 0,75 hours, according to requirements of fire inspection. The film prevents cracking and dispersal of glass under the influence of temperature, detaining oxygen access that prevents expansion of the seat of fire.

- natural disasters. Protective films can be used for decrease in the potential danger connected with destruction of glasses in buildings at earthquakes. Gluing of a film on glass reduces a razletaniye of dangerous splinters in internal rooms, and also their loss by the sidewalks located directly under windows. The broken glass remaining in a frame does not demand immediate replacement and continues to carry out the functions even under bad weather conditions.

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Protective films
Protective films
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